Monday, September 24, 2012

Ridiculously Misleading! DCCC Ad Uses a Facebook Page"Like” for Justification in False Attack in AZ09

Phoenix, AZ – Today, the Vernon Parker for Congress campaign reacted to the false and misleading ad created by the DCCC, which lied about Vernon Parker’s position on cuts to Medicare.
"I unequivocally oppose any plan to cut or replace Medicare. I have publicly and repeatedly stated this position throughout this campaign. To have the DCCC clearly lie about my record is another example of how desperate they are to fool the voters,” said Vernon Parker.

AD CLAIM: Parker touted a plan that would replace Medicare, leaving seniors at the mercy of insurance companies...costing them an extra $6400 a year...

But according to the DCCC’s own website, their justification of making this attack, was that on Facebook, Vernon liked a comment about Paul Ryan.

See it for yourself, from the DCCC"Vernon Parker Research Book”, p. 11 (it is a Google doc on the bottom of the page for the link above):

Here is the link cited above, for this justification, and a screen shot of that posting:

Perhaps the DCCC should follow their own advice, from the Cover Page of their"Vernon Parker Research Book”


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