Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Combat Veteran & Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery Supports Jeff Flake. AZSEN @JeffFlake

Cites Flake’s commitment to national security and liberty.

PHOENIX – Following the launch yesterday of Democrat Richard Carmona’s negative attack ad against Jeff Flake, attempting to paint him as anti-veteran, another highly respected Arizona veteran is speaking out.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery today expressed support of Jeff Flake’s record, saying:"As a combat veteran, I want a senator who recognizes that the primary function of the federal government is national security and liberty. Jeff Flake is the candidate for the job.”

Bill Montgomery is a West Point graduate and Gulf War veteran. He received a Bronze Star Medal for Meritorious Service for his contribution in the liberation of Kuwait, the defeat of Saddam Hussein and the safe return of the 15 soldiers he led.

Richard Carmona’s rollout of his nasty attack ad didn’t turn out quite they way his campaign hoped. The Flake campaign quickly answered Carmona’s false, partisan accusation. Arizona’s respected senior Senator, John McCain, who is a highly decorated Vietnam veteran and a former prisoner of war, also weighed in yesterday. McCain levied harsh criticism against Richard Carmona’s decision to engage in partisan attacks and defended Jeff Flake’s commitment to those who serve our nation.

Arizona’s Jeff Flake has a strong record of standing up for our nation’s veterans and servicemen and women, and that’s a record he will continue in the Senate. Below is a sampling of freestanding pro-veteran legislation that he has supported during his time in Congress.

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