Thursday, April 26, 2012

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FLASHBACK Kirkpatrick Slashed Loan Choices for Students to Pay for ObamaCare

Arizona Democrat Eliminated Long-Standing Student Loan Program to Pay for Her Government Takeover of Healthcare

WASHINGTON --- As Ann Kirkpatrick’s former colleagues face the choice later this week on whether to prevent student loan interest rates from spiking or protect her government takeover of healthcare, it should be remembered that they have faced this decision before. When Kirkpatrick voted for the government healthcare takeover (Roll Call , 3/21/10), she chose to help pay for this massive big-government overhaul by eliminating the Federal Family Education Loan Program, a long-standing federal program which helped generations of students choose from competing student loan packages.
"Ann Kirkpatrick and his former Washington Democrat colleagues already eliminated a long-standing federal student loan program in order to funnel billions of dollars into her government takeover of healthcare,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay."With this record, it would be no surprise if Kirkpatrick’s old Democrat allies decide to protect her big-government healthcare takeover instead of preventing student loan interest rates from doubling.”

The House is scheduled to vote on preventing student loan rates from doubling on Friday by cutting back an unpopular portion of the Democrats’ government healthcare takeover:
"An electoral battle between President Obama and Republicans over young voters escalated Wednesday when Speaker John Boehner scheduled a Friday vote to stop interest rates on student loans from doubling this summer. Boehner (R-Ohio) coupled the vote with an attack on Obama’s healthcare law, announcing he would pay the $5.9 billion cost of extending the loans with funds from what he called a healthcare ‘slush fund’ set up for preventive care.” (Molly K. Hooper, Mike Lillis and Amie Parnes,"House to vote on student loans,” The Hill’s On The Money Blog, 4/25/12)

When the Democrats passed their government takeover of healthcare, they funded part of it by eliminating the Federal Family Education Loan Program:
"The Federal Family Education Loan Program, which has helped generations of students attend college, is slated to end June 30. The termination could have long-term effects on some lending institutions... The loan program's elimination is the result of a provision in the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act - the health care reform bill - that President Barack Obama signed into law on March 30.” (Mike Costanza,"Termination of student loan program causes changes,” Rochester Business Journal, 5/21/10)

The Democrats took billions from this now-defunct program to pay for their big-government healthcare takeover:
"In addition, $9 billion of the savings would be used to offset the costs of the health care overhaul proposed by the Democrats – an amount that lets the health care proposal meet requirements for the package to go through the budget-reconciliation process.” (Tamar Lewin,"Bill Proposes Increased Aid To the Needy For College,” The New York Times, 3/19/10)

FLASHBACK: Kirkpatrick Slashed Loan Choices for Students to Pay for ObamaCare


DOJ approves final Arizona Legislative District Boundaries

Please help our Republican candidates get elected in these new districts.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Very powerful video by Free Market America!

A Tale of Two Leaders

Obama's Culture of Corruption

AZGOP Statement on Inflammatory Democrat Rhetoric

Democrats would rather focus on rhetoric rather than real economic recovery

(PHOENIX, AZ) – The Arizona Republican Party released the following statement today regarding recent comments made by leaders of the Arizona Democrat Party:

It is tremendously disappointing to watch as prominent Arizona Democrats resort to the use of inflammatory rhetoric on the issue of immigration. Yesterday’s comment by Luis Heredia calling Arizona a"front-row seat to extremism” was entirely extreme in itself.

Even more bizarre was today’s earlier comment by former U.S. Senator Dennis DeConcini who stated,"If you have brown skin in my state, you are going to be asked to prove your citizenship.” Language like this is factually false, civically irresponsible and outlandishly offensive. The former senator also went on to say"I’m for embarrassed for my state. I apologize.” This is the same angry diatribe uttered by the Administration and congressmen like Raul Grijalva.

Language like this does nothing to offer solutions to Arizonans struggling through the worst economy. Instead, it actually divides Arizonans by using immigration and race as an incendiary wedge issue for blatant political gain.

Arizonans are looking for real economic recovery, not rabble-rousing rhetoric.

It’s disturbing that Arizona Democrat Party leadership is so myopically focused on immigration and race in order to incite political passions. Rather than focusing on issues important to all Arizonans - jobs, the economy and education - Democrats would rather go to extremes bashing our state and the efforts of hard-working Arizonans.

Arizona Republicans will continue to focus on what’s good and what’s great about Arizona. But more importantly, how we can promote a vision and path that restores economic prosperity for all Arizonans.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's a great day to be a Republican in Arizona

There are a ton of great candidates and incumbents this year and there's no doubt that the GOP will be the big winner in November.