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Monday, July 30, 2012

Mitt Romney The Right Kind of Leadership

Last week, at a fundraiser, President Obama proudly proclaimed that his economic plan had "worked." But after over three years of failed attempts to fix the economy, it is clear that his plan hasn't "worked." Mitt Romney has a plan to shrink government and turn our country back into a job-creating machine.


Mitt Romney These Hands - Ohio

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. But President Obama's comments show that he just doesn't understand who the real job creators are. How can he help small businesses, like those in Ohio, when he doesn't even recognize their value?


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Obama-Barber Economy ‘Worked’ for Big Government But Left Small Businesses to Carry the Load in AZ02

Barber Expects Small Businesses to Finance His Limitless Spending Addiction

WASHINGTON --- At a campaign event this week, President Obama claimed his party’s big-government ‘plan’ has ‘worked.’ However, the only thing that the Obama-Barber economic approach has succeeded in doing is straddling small businesses with regulations, crippling taxes and the threat of more.
"“It’s baffling that Obama is bragging about how his policies ‘worked’ when so many families and small businesses continue to struggle,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay."At the end of the day, the tax hikes and burdensome regulations that President Obama and Ron Barber champion are rippling through Arizona, leaving small business owners with little opportunity to get the economy back on track.”

Earlier this week, President Obama said at a campaign function that his big-government, job-crushing policies have worked:
"Just like we’ve tried their plan, we tried our plan -- and it worked. That’s the difference.” (“Remarks by the President at a Campaign Event,” The White House, 7/24/2012)

Coming from someone who thinks small businesses are ‘doing fine,’ it’s not so hard to believe Obama said that:
"President Barack Obama offered up a gift to Republicans Friday morning, declaring ‘the private sector is doing fine,’ at a White House press conference.” (Zeke Miller,"Obama: ‘The Private Sector is Doing Fine,” BuzzFeed, 6/8/2012)

But according to a new Gallup poll, a majority of small business owners disagree and do not approve of President Obama’s handling of the economy:
"U.S. business owners' approval of President Barack Obama fell in the second quarter of 2012 to 35%, essentially tying farmers and fishers for the lowest approval among major occupational groups.” (Lymari Morales,"U.S. Business Owners Now Among Least Approving of Obama,” Gallup, 7/26/2012)



RNC Calls on the White House to Release All Communications

Between Obama Administration and the President's Jobs Council.
WASHINGTON - Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus released the following statement calling on the White House to release all communications between the Obama Administration and the President's Jobs Council:

"The White House should release all communications between the Obama Administration and the President's Jobs Council," said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. "We know President Obama has been too busy fundraising and playing golf over the last six months to meet with the Council in person, but the American people deserve to know if anyone in the administration has even bothered to pick up the phone or send an email for the sake of jobs and the economy.

"The White House says the president had too much 'on his plate' to meet with his Jobs Council in six months. But somehow he had enough time for over 100 fundraisers and 10 rounds of golf. The president claims jobs are his 'number one' priority, yet his track record certainly suggests otherwise.

"The 23 million Americans struggling to find work today deserve better than a president who puts his job before theirs. Families who can barely pay the bills expect their president to fill his schedule with more than just fundraisers and campaign rallies. Sadly, President Obama continues to disappoint them."


An Evening With Dick Morris!: Tom Morrissey, Chairman & The Arizona Republican Party invite You to an evening of political strategy with Dick Morris.
Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort
5594 W. Wild Horse Pass, Chandler, AZ 85226
Reception 5:30pm | Dinner 6:30pm
more details: www.azgop.org/news/an-evening-with-dick-morris


Introducing www.MittRomney.com/BuiltByUs

We've all heard how little President Obama values small businesses. Now, it's your turn. Share your story and tell President Obama that you did build it by visiting mi.tt/Oj1Gir


Obama Says, "It Worked"

A few nights ago at a fundraiser, President Obama proudly proclaimed that his economic plan had "worked." Tell that to the millions of Americans now on food stamps. Tell that to the millions of Americans struggling to make ends meet. No Mr. President, it did not work.


You Didn't Build That

President Obama wants us to believe his now infamous "you didn't build that" line was taken out-of-context. But he meant exactly what he said. Watch this video and then share it with friends if you believe individual Americans built our businesses, not big government!


These Hands

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. But President Obama's comments show that he just doesn't understand who the real job creators are. How can he help small businesses, like those in Nevada, when he doesn't even recognize their value?


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dems Admit Tax Hikes Will Hit 114 Million Families, So Why Won’t AZ02 Barber StopTheTaxHike?

Devastating Tax Hikes Loom But Arizona Democrat Ron Barber Continues Playing Politics

WASHINGTON --- The White House made a serious blunder recently when they admitted that 114 million middle-class families will be burdened in 2013 with tax hikes that congressional Democrats are pushing. Will this finally convince Ron Barber that threatening tax hikes on small businesses and families may spark another recession, making a bad economy worse?
"Instead of protecting Americans from job-destroying tax hikes, Democrats are ready to throw the economy off a cliff,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay."Is playing politics with America’s economic future more important to Ron Barber than sacrificing his anti-business and anti-growth priorities?”

The White House confessed that the potential upcoming tax hikes being pushed by congressional Democrats will strap 114 million middle-class families with new taxes in 2013:
"The White House has launched a new offensive in its fight with congressional Republicans over taxes, arguing 114 million middle-class families will see their taxes rise without action by Congress.” (Jonathan Easley,"White House warns of $1,600 tax hike on 114M middle-class families,” The Hill, 7/24/2012)

But Democrat leaders like Senator Patty Murray refuse to give up their party’s addiction to limitless spending sprees and tax increases in favor of economic stability:
"Sen. Patty Murray (Wash.), the Democratic co-chairwoman of the 2011 deficit-reduction supercommittee, said last week that Democrats would let income tax rates rise across the board if Republicans refuse to drop their opposition to raising new taxes. Senate Democratic leaders have endorsed her declaration.” (Jonathan Easley,"White House warns of $1,600 tax hike on 114M middle-class families,” The Hill, 7/24/2012)



She's Back! Arizonans Can't Afford More of Ann Kirkpatrick AZ01


Ann Kirkpatrick still just doesn’t get it, even after voters unelected her in 2010 for her unabashed support for ObamaCare and her party’s failed stimulus.

The Arizona Republic reports today that Kirkpatrick"thinks the anger has subsided,” allowing her to run again. She continues to defend her support for Obama’s failed policies and blame the voters, rather than taking responsibility for her actions.

NRCC COMMENT:"Ann Kirkpatrick just doesn’t get it. Voters sent her a strong message in 2010, firing her for supporting the Democrats’ failed agenda. Bottom line: Arizonans can’t afford more of Ann Kirkpatrick.” – NRCC Spokesman Daniel Scarpinato


Secretary Geithner, Call Your Office!

Obama's Treasury Secretary Admits That "The Economy Is Not Growing Fast Enough" And That "Unemployment Is Very High"
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner Admitted That "The Economy is Not Growing Fast Enough." GEITHNER: "But I'll tell you my general view on this. The economy is not growing fast enough. Unemployment is very high. Huge amount of damage left in the housing market." (House Financial Services Committee, U.S. House Of Representatives, Hearing, 7/25/12)


What President Obama Really Said (in context)

This is the same clip President Obama is using to try and recant his comments that denigrated small business owners, but we know the truth. He said it and he meant it. If you keep attacking success, you'll continue to have less of it. It's as simple as that. See for yourself -- you be the judge


We Need Mitt Romney

Our nation's economic downturn and unemployment have caused suffering for millions of Americans, but they have hit the African-American community disproportionately hard. Mitt Romney's priority as president will be creating jobs, so that all Americans can have an equal opportunity.


Richard Carmona Supporter and Liberal Democrat Senate Leader Harry Reid Passes Massive Tax Hike

Would Obama’s Highest Profile Democrat in Arizona, Richard Carmona, Rather Toe His Party’s Line or Listen to Taxpayers?


American Crossroads releases new ad, "Replay"


RNC The More Context You Get, The Worse It Sounds

WASHINGTON - The Republican National Committee releases "The More Context You Get, The Worse It Sounds" after President Obama complained that his comments to entrepreneurs that "you didn't build that, somebody else made that happen" were taken out of context. The irony is that a closer look at the context reveals President Obama's true feelings-American success is the result of the work of government, not the hard work and sacrifice of America's entrepreneurs.

"President Obama thinks his comments are being taken out of context, but the reality is the context makes it worse," said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. "With more context, it is obvious President Obama doesn't understand that businesses succeed because of the hard work and sacrifice of the American people, not the growth and intrusiveness of government.

"President Obama thinks he can paint over his latest admission, but he can't cover up four years of anti-business actions. From his comments to entrepreneurs that 'you didn't build that' and 'the private sector is doing fine' to failing to meet with his jobs council and failing to hold Daily Economic Briefings, it's clear Obama's lack of concern for our economy is quite clear."


Monday, July 23, 2012

Statement from AZGOP Chairman Tom Morrissey on Aurora, Colorado Shooting

PHOENIX – On behalf of the Arizona Republican Party, I offer our prayers to the victims of last week’s theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado. However saddened we are by this evil event and loss of precious innocent life, and knowing that the true cause of such a tragedy is not likely to be explained quickly or easily, we must in every case honor the victims by letting their families and friends know that we share in their grief.


Obamaology"You Didn’t Build That”

Words Matter – And Obama’s Words Explain Why Three Years Of Trying To Run The Economy From The White House Have Failed


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Poll Americans are Sick of the Obama-Barber Do-Anything-But-Create-Jobs Plan

Where is Barber's Sense of Urgency Over 3.4 Million Jobs that Hang in Limbo?

WASHINGTON --- Arizona voters have made themselves clear: they want Ron Barber to restore economic confidence and end uncertainty that is hurting job creation. With devastating defense cuts and tax hikes on small businesses weighing down economic recovery, the question now is - why isn’t Ron Barber listening?
"It’s decision time for Ron Barber – will he continue to champion Obama’s tax hike plan that hurts Arizona families and threatens to push the economy over a cliff?” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay."Arizonans are done with Barber's unfulfilled campaign promises. They want Barber to take small business tax hikes off the table and stop risking our national security for the sake of politics.”

Over 3.4 million jobs nationally, including roughly 85,200 in Arizona alone, could be lost over the next decade from devastating automatic budget cuts unless Barber acts. (“Defense Spending Cuts: The Impact on Economic Activity and Jobs,” National Association of Manufacturers, Accessed 7/19/2012)

A new poll shows that Americans have lost confidence in Obama’s ability to fix the economy:
"But with job growth tailing off since spring and the Federal Reserve chairman, Ben S. Bernanke, wondering aloud whether the labor market is"stuck in the mud,” the poll showed a significant shift in opinion about Mr. Obama’s handling of the economy ...” (Jim Rutenberg & Marjorie Connelly,"Economic Fears Hurting Obama, Poll Indicates,” New York Times, 7/18/2012)

It’s no wonder because instead of figuring out a way to avoid enacting devastating defense cuts and meeting with job creators to find ways to get Americans back to work, President Obama has been too busy campaigning on his failed agenda:
"’There’s no specific reason, except the president has obviously got a lot on his plate...,’ Carney said...” (Josh Gerstein,"White House: Obama's plate too full for Jobs Council,” Politico, 7/18/2012)

This is the same failed agenda that Nancy Pelosi promised House Democrats will protect as long as Obama is in office:
"‘I would just assume that Democrats would win and we would stop the obstruction of the president’s agenda. I think it’s fair to say that most people don’t have the faintest idea about leadership races in the Congress,’ [said Pelosi].” (“Pelosi: Dems Should Skip Convention to Campaign,” Newsmax, 7/18/2012)



Pelosi Promises that AZ01's Ann Kirkpatrick will protect Obama’s failed economic agenda

Arizonans Aren’t Happy With Dems’ Plan to Tax Small Businesses & Slash Defense Funds

WASHINGTON --- As Washington Democrats continue to destroy any hope Americans have for economic stability, Nancy Pelosi reinforces her party’s commitment to President Obama’s failed agenda. Does this mean that Ann Kirkpatrick – just like her President – is ready to push the economy off a fiscal cliff by enforcing small business tax hikes and promoting devastating defense budget cuts?
"Even Nancy Pelosi knows her hope of regaining the Speaker’s gavel is slipping through the cracks as she ties Ann Kirkpatrick to President Obama’s toxic agenda,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay."Arizona families have suffered enough under the Obama economy and in November we will be sure to stop them from making a bad economy even worse.”

Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi made it clear that Congressional Democrats are going to do what it takes to makes sure President Obama’s reckless agenda of taxing, spending, and borrowing continues to crush the economy:
"’I wouldn’t assume anything,’ [Pelosi] said. ‘I would just assume that Democrats would win and we would stop the obstruction of the president’s agenda. I think it’s fair to say that most people don’t have the faintest idea about leadership races in the Congress.’” (“Pelosi: Dems Should Skip Convention to Campaign,” Newsmax, 7/18/2012)

Yet a new poll reveals Americans are extremely unhappy with the state of the economy under President Obama:
"But with job growth tailing off since spring and the Federal Reserve chairman, Ben S. Bernanke, wondering aloud whether the labor market is"stuck in the mud,” the poll showed a significant shift in opinion about Mr. Obama’s handling of the economy, with 39 percent now saying they approved...” (Jim Rutenberg & Marjorie Connelly,"Economic Fears Hurting Obama, Poll Indicates,” New York Times, 7/18/2012)



More from the "Busiest President" ever


Obama, The Busiest President Ever


Mitt Romney releases new ad - These Hands

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. But President Obama's comments last week show that he just doesn't understand who the real job creators are. How can he help small businesses when he doesn't even recognize their value?


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Am a Republican and here's my story...

Conservative talk show host Mike Broomhead proudly proclaims, "I Am a Republican and here's my story..."

Now it's time to TELL YOUR STORY! Join Mike Broomhead and your fellow Republicans in telling the world what we stand for and why.

Tell us why you are a Republican in two minutes or less and send us your personal story. We will review all submissions and if chosen, we'll put your story online, along with others, and send you a special t-shirt to continue your message. It's time for Republicans to define who we are and NOT the media!

Videos should be two minutes or less and tell a great story. Don't worry, videos don't have to be professionally shot.

If your video is approved, we will re-shoot your video (if necessary) and load it up to our website to show the world.

Please send your video link (YouTube or Vimeo) to mygopstory@azgop.org. You must include your name, address, phone, email and voter registration ID number.

We look forward to hearing your stories!



Mitt Romney A Clear Choice


RNC Statement Calling on the Obama Administration to Come Clean on Political Payoffs to Campaign Bundler Steve Westly

WASHINGTON - Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus released the following statement calling on the Obama administration to come clean on their political payoffs to campaign bundler Steve Westly:

"It is time for the 'most transparent administration ever' to come clean on their political payoffs to Obama campaign bundler Steve Westly," said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

"Yesterday, Westly's spokesman claimed they were 'as transparent as possible' while Westly-backed companies received hundreds of millions of dollars in Energy Department loans. But the Obama administration has yet to release the 'conflict of interest' review and other documents and communications related to Westly's service on the Energy Secretary's Advisory Board.

"It hardly seems 'above the board,' as the spokesman claims, for a major political fundraiser to have a plum Energy Department post while taxpayer dollars are directed to his energy companies. It reeks of crony capitalism, and the American taxpayers deserve answers."


Obama Official Was Like"A Hooker Dropped Into A Prison Exercise Yard”

For story on BuzzFeed: www.buzzfeed.com/mhastings/obama-official-was-like...o-a-p


So President Obama, Where Did All The Money Go?

President Obama's time in office has been marked by political payoffs to the donor class and layoffs for the middle class. He showered his friends with stimulus funds and sent millions of taxpayer dollars overseas. If we can't trust him with our money, why should we trust him for another four years?


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Obama Connection!

Obama's friends are doing fine, but the middle class isn't.


More Evidence that Obama's Recruiting of Democrat Carmona Will Haunt Arizona AZSEN

PHOENIX – On the heels of last week’s devastating 8% unemployment report, two new reports on the economy confirm President Obama’s tax hike plan and defense spending cuts will destroy even more jobs, including 50,000 in Arizona. (Read more) www.azgop.org/article/more-evidence-that-obamas-re...zona-


Top Democrats Ready to Push Economy Over Fiscal Cliff and Risk a Recession, Is Andrei Cherny in AZ09?

Democrats Wage Political War For Tax Increases to Feed Their Spending Addiction and 700,000 Jobs are the Casualties

WASHINGTON --- Washington Democrats have proposed their fiscal plan – to attack job creators with new tax hikes to fuel their massive government spending addiction. As Democrat leaders champion devastating tax hikes in order to grow the government even more, will Andrei Cherny join their cause?
"Democrats are so addicted to spending that they’re doubling down on sky high tax increases on small businesses that could send the economy spiraling further into financial decline,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay."Will Andrei Cherny stand up against his party’s political ploys and demand that tax hikes for small businesses be taken off the table?”

A newly-released Ernest & Young report exposed that Democrats’ proposed tax hikes will devastate the economy and cost more than 700,000 jobs. (Robert Carroll & Gerald Prante,"Long-run macroeconomic impact of increasing tax rates on high-income taxpayers in 2013,” Ernst & Young LLP, 7/17/2012)

But Senate Democrat Leader Patty Murray refuses to give up her party’s addiction to limitless spending sprees and government takeovers in favor of economic stability:
"’If we can’t get a good deal, a balanced deal that calls on the wealthy to pay their fair share, then I will absolutely continue this debate into 2013,’ Murray plans to say, according to excerpts of the speech provided to The Washington Post.” (Lori Montgomery,"Democrats threaten to go over ‘fiscal cliff’ if GOP fails to raise taxes,” Washington Post, 7/15/2012)

According to the CBO, if Washington Democrats were successful in pushing America over a fiscal cliff, the economy could fall into a recession as early as next year:
"A stalemate over how to tackle a series of fiscal deadlines at year's end would likely push the United States economy into recession in the first half of next year, the Congressional Budget Office warned on Tuesday. A wave of U.S. tax hikes and automatic spending cuts - dubbed the "fiscal cliff" - are set to take effect in January unless Congress and the White House agree on ways to delay or revise at least some of them.” (“’Fiscal cliff’ could cause U.S. recession: CBO,” Reuters, 5/23/2012)



Monday, July 16, 2012

The countdown continues!


Obama admits, "I haven't been able to change the atmosphere here in Washington"


Obama admits,"If I was in [Romney's] shoes..."

I’d be making the same argument" about my failure to fix the economy.


Does Richard Carmona Agree With Harry Reid's Belief That The Democrats Are Making Great Progress On Job Creation?

Senate Democrat Leader Reid Recently Embraced Richard Carmona’s Liberal Candidacy

PHOENIX – After being the only person in the entire country to be recruited by President Barack Obama, last week Democrat Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., embraced Democrat Richard Carmona’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate.

In December of 2009, Reid said that the Democrats were making great progress on creating jobs. Yet today, the national unemployment rate has been over 8 percent for 41 straight months and nearly 250,000 Arizonans remain unemployed.

"Given that Harry Reid recently endorsed Richard Carmona, Arizonans deserve to know if agrees with his party boss that the Democrats have made great progress on creating jobs,” asked Arizona Republican Party spokesman Tim Sifert. "With the national unemployment rate above 8 percent for 41 straight months, it’s clear President Obama and Richard Carmona’s big government agenda is not working for Arizona.”


Richard Carmona’s Boss Claims Their Big Government Policies Is Creating Jobs In The Grand Canyon State

DEMOCRAT LEADER HARRY REID: "The American people last year called for change, and change is taking place. The president did spend some time going through the things that we’ve accomplished this year, and they have been significant, based on where he was when he took office. Even before he became president, December, 670,000 jobs were lost; November, more than 700,000; February, more than 700,000. So we’ve made great progress, and we’re going to continue to do so.” (Senator Harry Reid, Press Conference, 12/6/09)



The ultimate @MittRomney bumpersticker for your car!


BREAKING Economic News Affecting Arizona, US Senate Race

You should be aware of these couple stories breaking on the economic front, which highlights the lengths to which candidate Richard Carmona and the Democrats will go to raise taxes on small businesses even in the face of news saying the economy is slowing.

Within the last hour the Associated Press reported that the U.S. economy appears weaker as retail sales have fallen.

ASSOCIATED PRESS: "The report led some economists to downgrade their estimates for economic growth in the April-June quarter. Many now think the economy grew even less than in the first quarter of the year, when it expanded at a sluggish 1.9 percent annual rate. ... ‘However hard you look, there's just no good news in this report at all,’ said Paul Ashworth, chief U.S. economist at Capital Economics.” (Martin Crutsinger, US economy appears weaker as retail sales slump, Associated Press, 7/16/12)

What makes this interesting is that on the very same morning news breaks that our economy continues to struggle, national Democrats led the day with this front page story in the Washington Post:

WASHINGTON POST: Murray’s address, set to be delivered at the Brookings Institution, is meant to influence both the Nov. 6 election and the lame-duck legislative session in November and December, when the fiscal cliff will be at hand and the fight over taxes will be in full throttle. Regardless of the election’s outcome, President Obama and the current Congress will be in office for the session. The speech comes less than a week after Obama assured Hill Democrats during a White House meeting that he would veto any attempt to maintain the Bush tax cuts on income over $250,000 a year, according to several people present. It also echoes the dismissive response by Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) to Republicans seeking to undo scheduled reductions in Pentagon spending that even Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta has said would be"devastating” to national security. (Lori Montgomery, Democrats threaten to go over ‘fiscal cliff’ if GOP fails to raise taxes, Washington Post, 7/16/12)

This comes on the heels of a letter that Republican leaders sent to the White House on Friday asking the President to put forward a plan to avoid defense cuts that even his own Secretary of Defense has called"devastating.”

The bottom line is this: even in the face of more daunting economic news, Richard Carmona and his fellow Democrats would rather hold military families, veterans’ health care, and millions of jobs hostage because of their addiction to higher taxes.

Background on who gets hit with the Democrats’ proposed tax hikes:

Hundreds of thousands of small businesses would feel this tax hike right away.

According to the Joint Committee on Taxation, nearly 940,000 flow-through businesses would be subject to the President’s proposed tax rate hikes that would take effect on January 1, 2013
As much as a quarter of our nation’s workforce depends on these employers for a paycheck.

According to the National Federal of Independent Businesses, up to 25 percent of the workforce is employed by businesses that will be affected by the President’s proposed tax hikes.

Half of all flow-through business income would be hit by Obama’s proposed tax hike.

According to the Joint Committee on Taxation, 53 percent of all flow-through business income is subject to the President’s proposed tax hikes.

This is especially harmful to small business, because virtually all small businesses are organized as flow-through entities such as S corporations, partnerships, and LLCs. (see IRS Statistics of Income Integrated Business Data)

Under Democrats, The Defense Budget Faces Over $1 Trillion In Cuts Obama’s FY 2013 Budget Cuts Defense Spending By $487 Billion Over The Next Ten Years.“An array of military programs, from fighter jets to retiree benefits, would be nicked to squeeze savings in the Pentagon's $525 billion budget for 2013, according to officials and documents released Monday. The proposed 2013 budget represents the Pentagon's first installment in a plan to reduce its projected spending by $487 billion over 10 years. Congress must approve the changes.” (Tom Vanden Brook"Pentagon Budget Calls For Cuts To Jets, Benefits,” USA Today, 2/13/12)

Sequestration Would Slash An Additional $500 Billion From The Defense Budget.“The cuts, roughly $500 billion to both defense and non-defense spending, were set in motion after the supercommittee failed to find more than $1 trillion in deficit reduction last year. The Obama administration has said it’s not yet planning for the cuts, instead arguing they were never intended to be implemented and urging Congress to find a fix.”(Jeremy Herb,"Pentagon’s No. 2 Joining Budget Director At Sequester Hearing,” The Hill's "DEFCON Hill" Blog, 7/11/12)

Total Defense Cuts Would Put Up To 1.5 Million Jobs At Risk."‘Sequestration ($1 trillion in cuts) assumes across the board spending cuts with losses peaking in the 2013-2014 time period, with 1 million to 1.5 million jobs lost and that could increase the U.S. unemployment rate by nearly 1 percentage point in the near term,’ said Lt. Col. Elizabeth Robbins, a spokeswoman of the Department of Defense.” (Sean Gorman,"Rep. Randy Forbes Says 1.53 Million Defense Jobs Are ‘At Risk,’” Politifact, 10/12/11)

The Pentagon Estimated That Sequestration"Could Add 1 Percent To The Nation’s Unemployment Rate.” "Nearly $1 trillion in defense cuts that the 2011 Budget Control Act could require would devastate the military and the defense industrial base, and could add 1 percent to the nation’s unemployment rate, the Pentagon press secretary said today.” (Cheryl Pellerin,"Additional Budget Cuts Would Devastate Military, Spokesman Says,” American forces Press Service, 9/15/11)

Pentagon Press Secretary George Little:"We’re Not Talking About Just Military Jobs, We’re Also Talking About Jobs In The Private Sector That Support The Innovation And Creativity And Capabilities That We Need To Keep America Strong.”"At the Pentagon, internal analysis shows that sequestration also would have a profound impact on the U.S. industrial base, he added, by threatening many of the 3.8 million military and civilian jobs that the sector represents. ‘We’re not talking about just military jobs, we’re also talking about jobs in the private sector that support the innovation and creativity and capabilities that we need to keep America strong,’ he said. Moving to sequestration and the additional budget cuts it would require, department officials believe ‘would potentially add 1 percent to the national unemployment rate,’ Little said.” (Cheryl Pellerin,"Additional Budget Cuts Would Devastate Military, Spokesman Says,” American forces Press Service, 9/15/11)

Secretary Panetta:"That Kind Of Sequestration Cut Across The Board Would Have A Serious Impact Not Only On Men And Women In Uniform, But On Our Personnel And The Contractors Who Serve The Defense Establishment.” SENATOR DANIEL INOUYE:"This sequestration, coupled with projected discretionary defense spendings, could add 1 percent to the national unemployment rate from job losses in government, military and private sector jobs within the defense industrial base. Does that description make sense?” SECRETARY PANETTA:"Mr. Chairman, I think that that is the estimate that we’ve seen in terms of the impact that would have. Now again, I just – I stress, look, Defense Department is not a jobs program. It’s a program to defend the nation. But clearly it would – that kind of sequestration cut across the board would have a serious impact not only on men and women in uniform, but on our personnel and the contractors who serve the defense establishment.” (Subcommittee On Defense, Committee On Appropriations, U.S. Senate, Hearing, 6/13/12)



Does AZ02's Ron Barber Agree with Obama that Government is Responsible for the Success of Your Small Business?

Obama Awards His Overreaching Government Priorities for Small Business Success

WASHINGTON --- During a recent campaign speech, President Obama claimed that small business owners are not responsible for their success but that government is – does Ron Barber agree? At a time when Democrats brought Arizona small businesses a $831 billion failed stimulus and $675 billion in massive tax hikes through ObamaCare, the success of their businesses is the last thing that job creators will concede to the irresponsible priorities of Barber's party.
"If a gaffe is when a politician tells the truth, then this comment by President Obama is a brutally honest attack on the small business owners he and Ron Barber have been punishing during their time in office,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay."Anyone who believes American small business couldn’t exist without the help of government clearly doesn’t understand how America’s economy works. And if Obama and Barber can’t understand that, then they are incapable of getting America out of the economic rut we’re in today.”

President Obama gave credit to his overbearing big-government agenda for the success of small businesses:
"’If you’ve got a business -- you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen,’ [said Obama].” (Kerry Picket,"Picket: (Video) Obama: ‘If You’ve Got a Business—You Didn’t Build That. Somebody Else Made That Happen,” The Washington Times, 7/15/2012)

In reality, Democrat policies have done nothing but keep the unemployment rate over 8.0 percent for a consecutive 41 months. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Accessed 7/16/2012)

The size of the ObamaCare tax hikes are already projected to be an astounding $675 billion on small businesses and taxpayers . (Thomas A. Barthold,"Revenue Estimates,” Joint Committee on Taxation, 6/15/2012)



Obama's Political Payoffs And Middle Class Layoffs

Middle class families are struggling in the Obama economy. Instead of working to restore their economic security, President Obama is too busy rewarding his biggest donors. The Obama record is one of political payoffs and middle class layoffs.


Whatever Happened to Hope & Change?

It seems like a lifetime ago that Candidate Obama was talking about hope and change. Today, after four years of broken promises, President Obama is left to simply run "negative" and "inaccurate" ads.


Friday, July 13, 2012

U.S. Olympic Uniforms Made in China by Democrat Donor's Company



When Will Richard Carmona Bring His Party Boss Democrat Leader Harry Reid To Arizona?

Senate Democrat Leader Reid Recently Embraced Richard Carmona's Democrat Candidacy


PHOENIX – After being the only Democrat in the entire country to be recruited by President Barack Obama, today Democrat Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., embraced Democrat Richard Carmona’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate. 

During a conference call organization by President Obama, Reid openly embraced Carmona’s candidacy, because he knows if Carmona gets to Washington he’ll be a rubberstamp for his failed economic policies. 

Reid was the author of ObamaCare – which Richard Carmona supports. Additionally, as President Obama’s top lieutenant in the Senate, Reid personally twisted enough arms in Washington to muscle through the failed $825 billion stimulus.
"It’s no secret Democrat Leader Harry Reid is excited about Richard Carmona’s candidacy, because he know that Carmona will be a rubberstamp for his liberal tax-and-spend agenda,” said Arizona Republican Party spokesman Tim Sifert. "Given that we’re right next door to Nevada, Arizonans deserve to know when Richard Carmona and Harry Reid will campaign together in the Grand Canyon State.”


Richard Carmona Supported ObamaCare Which Was Written By His Party Boss Harry Reid

In September 2009, Carmona Said Health Care Reform Was Essential To Contain Escalating Costs."Before the members of the public spoke, former U.S. Surgeon General and Tucson resident Dr. Richard Carmona told the crowd that health-care reform is essential to contain escalating costs and to change a system that focuses on ‘sick care’ rather than health. He added that he’s been disappointed at how many of the forums on national reform have devolved into shouting matches.” (Stephanie Innes,"Crowd Attentive, At Times Rowdy,” Arizona Daily Star, 9/1/09)

In March 2010, Carmona Announced Support For ObamaCare, Stating"We Need To Move Toward A Health Care System, Not The Sick Care System That We Have Today. This Legislation Moves Us Closer To That. This Bill Is Not Perfect. But These Are Complex Issues And We Must Move Forward.”"Carmona served as the 17th surgeon general of the United States under President George W. Bush. Last year, he participated in series of health care town halls that the congresswoman held in Tucson, Sierra Vista and Green Valley. ‘The issue facing our country is how do we get the best care for the most people at the least cost,’ Carmona said. ‘We spend more for health care than any other nation on Earth, but the metrics of our results don’t reflect that. We need to move toward a health care system, not the sick care system that we have today. This legislation moves us closer to that. This bill is not perfect. But these are complex issues and we must move forward. And then I hope we can sit down with level heads and make it even better for the benefit of the American people.’” (“U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Announces Support For Historic Health Insurance Reform Legislation,” Congresswoman Giffords Press Release, 3/20/10)



We Expect More From A President. So What Happened?

Four years ago, Candidate Obama spoke out against using "stale tactics to scare voters." Today, his plan to "destroy Romney" includes dishonest attacks that he hopes will distract voters from his broken promises.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

ICYMI Sen Jon Kyl Discusses President Obama's Push to Raise Taxes on Americans Business Owners


Obama The Big Fail

President Obama doubled down on his broken promises and failed economic leadership in an interview with CBS News today, where he figured his biggest mistake as President was not telling a better story. Unfortunately, the 23 million Americans currently unemployed or underemployed need action instead of words, and on that President Obama has clearly failed.

Meanwhile, here in Arizona...
"Since President Obama took office, 67,000 more Arizonans are unemployed despite Republican efforts for pro-growth reform in the face of his disastrous economic policies. President Obama clearly doesn’t understand that empty promises and stories will not get Arizona back to work.” –RNC Spokesman Ted Kwong

Jobs: Since Obama Took Office, Arizona Has Lost 67,200 Jobs And The Unemployment Rate Has Decreased From 8.3 Percent To 8.2 Percent. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Accessed 7/11/12)

In May, Arizona Lost 6,200 Jobs. (The Bureau of Labor Statistics, Accessed 5/18/12)

Unemployment: Arizona Has 245,867 Unemployed Seeking Work. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Accessed 7/11/12)

Median Household Income: Since 2008, Arizona’s Median Income Has Fallen $4,169. (U.S. Census Website, Accessed 10/17/11)

Food Stamps: Since Obama Took Office, The Number Of People In Arizona Receiving Food Stamps Has Increased By 47 Percent. (“Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program: Number Of Persons Participating ,” Food Research And Action Center, Accessed 7/2/12;"Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program: Number Of Persons Participating,” USDA Food And Nutrition Service, Accessed 7/2/12)

Poverty: Between 2008 To 2010, 155,325 More People In Arizona Fell Into Poverty. (“Poverty: 2007 And 2008,” U.S. Census Bureau, 10/11;"Poverty: 2009 And 2010,” U.S. Census Bureau, 10/11)

College Tuition: The Average Student Graduating From A Four-Year College Institution In Arizona Has $18,454 In Debt. (Project On Student Debt, Accessed 5/4/12)

Home Values: As Of April 2012, Arizona Has Had The Second Largest Peak-To-Current Decline In Home Prices In The Nation, Dropping 46.5 Percent."The five states with the largest peak-to-current declines including distressed transactions are Nevada (-58.9 percent), Florida (-46.5 percent), Arizona (-46.5 percent), Michigan (-43.6 percent) and California (-41.0 percent).” (Press Release,"CoreLogic April Home Price Index Shows Year-Over-Year Increase Of Just Over One Percent,” CoreLogic, 6/5/12)

Foreclosures: In The First Quarter Of 2012, Arizona Had The Nation’s Third Highest Foreclosure Rate With One In Every 106 Housing Units Having A Foreclosure Filing."One in every 106 Arizona housing units had a foreclosure filing in the first quarter, the nation’s third highest state foreclosure rate.” (“Q1 2012 Foreclosure Activity Lowest Since Q4 2007,” RealtyTrac, 4/5/12)

Negative Equity: In The First Quarter Of 2012, Arizona Had The Second Highest Percentage Of Negative Equity In The Nation, As 52.3 Percent Of All Homeowners Have Mortgages Underwater. "On a state level, Nevada has the highest percentage of negative equity, with 66.9 percent of all homeowners with mortgages underwater. Arizona (52.3 percent), Georgia (46.8 percent), Florida (46.3 percent) and Michigan (41.7 percent) also have highest percentages of homeowners in negative equity.” (Press Release,"Despite Home Value Gains, Underwater Homeowners Owe $1.2 Trillion More Than Homes’ Worth,” Zillow, 5/24/12)


Well, here we go again... Ann Kirkpatrick is back and supporting Obamacare

Ann Kirkpatrick gave us ObamaCare two years ago, and today she continues her support of this government takeover of healthcare.

Yesterday's bipartisan repeal vote is a reminder of what Arizonans got from Kirkpatrick:

$500 billion in Medicare cuts
$525 billion in new taxes
$504 a year premium increases
"Arizonans repealed Ann Kirkpatrick after she rubber-stamped ObamaCare. Now, she can’t wait to get back to Washington to protect it.” – NRCC Spokesman Daniel Scarpinato


Mrs. Kirkpatrick said her vote in favor of the Democrats’ health care legislation also hurt her with voters, but she wouldn’t back away from it."Health care was a big issue. And I voted for health care, and I stand behind that vote,” she said. (The Washington Times, April 27, 2011)

House Vote 165: clerk.house.gov/evs/2010/roll165.xml
House Vote 167: clerk.house.gov/evs/2010/roll167.xml


Kirkpatrick Supports ObamaCare’s Rising Costs, Medicare Cuts, Taxes, and Healthcare Decisions in Hands of Government

If You Don’t Want ObamaCare, Don’t Send Arizona Democrat Back to Washington

WASHINGTON --- When Ann Kirkpatrick voted for her party’s big-government takeover of healthcare she ignored the wishes of families, seniors and small businesses in Arizona. Now, the only way for Arizona voters to take back their healthcare choices is to make sure Democrats like Ann Kirkpatrick don’t return to Washington in 2013.
"Arizona families already let Ann Kirkpatrick know how they felt about her decision to champion the spiking premiums, $500 billion in Medicare cuts and job-killing taxes included in ObamaCare,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay."Arizona families cannot afford the damage ObamaCare is inflicting on our economy, and they can’t afford to send Kirkpatrick back.”

According to Gallup, far more Americans believe ObamaCare will hurt rather than help the economy:
"Americans are more likely to say the 2010 healthcare law upheld by the Supreme Court last week will hurt the national economy (46%) rather than help it (37%), while 18% say they don't know or that it will have no effect.” (Frank Newport,"Americans See More Economic Harm Than Good in Health Law,” Gallup, 7/5/2012)

Democrats have sacrificed much – including their House majority – for their massive government takeover of healthcare, and Americans are showing no signs of allowing government to expand control of their personal healthcare decisions:
"As the brutal fight continued, the president sacrificed more and more in its name: an overhaul of energy and environmental laws, greater focus on economic issues, some of his own popularity and that of House Democrats, who eventually lost their hard-won majority.” (Jodi Kantor,"Wearing Brave Face, Obama Braces for Health Care Ruling,” New York Times, 6/23/2012)



FLASHBACK Obama And Chavez Hanging Out In 2009

Obama Greeted Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez Warmly At The Summit Of The Americas In 2009."Presidents Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez have met for the first time, shaking hands as the Summit of the Americas gets under way in Trinidad and Tobago. Photos released by the Venezuelan government show the two smiling and Obama touching Chavez on the shoulder. The Venezuelan presidency says Obama initiated the handshake. It quotes Chavez as telling Obama he hopes for better relations between their nations.” (Nick Sabloff,"Obama, Chavez Shake Hands At Summit,” The Huffington Post, 4/18/09)

Chavez Gave The President A Book On American Imperialism That The President Called A"Nice Gesture.”"At one meeting, Chavez made a show of walking around the table as the cameras rolled and handing Obama a copy of ‘Open Veins of Latin America,’ a 1971 book by Eduardo Galeano chronicling U.S. and European imperialism in the region. ... [Obama] said it ‘was a nice gesture to give me a book. I’m a reader.’” (Peter Nicholas,"Obama Defends Greeting Hugo Chavez,” Los Angeles Times, 4/20/09)



Quinnipiac Poll American Voters Say Health Care Law Is A Tax Hike, Want Arizona-Type Immigration Law In Their State

55% Of Voters, Including 59% Of Independents And 60% Of Hispanics, Believe ObamaCare Is A Tax
44-29% Voters Support Holding Eric Holder In Contempt
45% Of Voters Say The State Of The Economy Is Not So Good, 41% Say It’s Poor



No Evidence

Just like he did against Hillary Clinton, President Obama now continues to spread dishonest attacks about Mitt Romney to distract from his failed record. Even though fact check after fact check have found his claims to be false, he continues to not tell the truth to the American people. It is no wonder why our country has lost confidence in his leadership.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Craig & Mitt Romney Los Invito


Rep. Trent Franks Votes to Fully Repeal Obamacare



Barack Obama, Outsourcer-in-Chief


Announcing GOP CD-6 Debate!

12 News, azcentralpolitics.com and The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University are hosting a GOP Congressional District 6 debate between Congressmen Ben Quayle and David Schweikert.

The debate will take place on July 16th, 2012 at the Republic Media building located at 200 E. Van Buren.
A reception will be held at 6pm with the debate beginning at 7pm.

For more details and to RSVP via Eventbrite click here: www.eventbrite.com/event/3863864924


Representative Gosar on His Vote to Repeal Obamacare



Congressman Flake Votes to Repeal Obamacare



Rep. Quayle Statement on Obamacare Repeal Vote



It's Official! @RepRonBarber votes to keep Obamacare!

Now you're on the record Rubber Stamp Ron! Time to repeal @RepRonBarber! clerk.house.gov/evs/2012/roll460.xml


Barack Obama - Outsourcer in Chief


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Question for Andrei Cherny How Will Higher Taxes Create Jobs?

Yesterday Obama Doubled Down on His Intention to Raise Small Business Taxes Despite 41 Consecutive Months of Unemployment Above 8.0 Percent

(Washington) - Even after the announcement of persistently high unemployment numbers last week, President Obama continues to push for tax hikes on Arizona small businesses. Right now, Arizona families need leaders to put job creation first, but will Andrei Cherny just champion Obama’s job-crushing agenda?
"As if things were not hard enough in the Democrat economy, the President plans to burden Arizona small businesses with even more devastating tax hikes,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. "Now, Arizonans are looking to Andrei Cherny for his position – will he support Obama’s tax hikes or support job creators?"

In June, the national unemployment rate remained debilitatingly high at 8.2 percent. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Accessed 7/9/2012)

The last thing American families need is more taxes, yet President Obama has chosen to ignore the staggering unemployment rate and struggles of small businesses, and believes implementing tax hikes will create jobs:
"By the way, these tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans are also the tax cuts that are least likely to promote growth. So we can't afford to keep that up. Not right now,’ [said President Obama].” (President Barack Obama,"Remarks on Bush Tax Cuts,” MSNBC, 7/9/2012)

A new poll reveals a majority of Americans believe Obama has changed the economy for the worse, evidence of democrat’s continuous ineffective leadership and failed policies:
"A survey by The Hill, a Washington, D.C., newspaper, says that 56% of likely voters believe Obama has transformed the nation in a negative way, compared with 35% who believe the country has changed for the better on his watch.” (David Jackson,"Poll: Majority say Obama has made things worse,” USA TODAY, 7/9/2012)

Question for Andrei Cherny: How Will Higher Taxes Create Jobs? ow.ly/c7ngb


Obama Economic Adviser "Offshoring Creates Wealth"

"Diana Farrell, Who Was Obama’s Deputy Economic Policy Adviser For Two Years, Promoted The Benefits Of Offshoring While She Worked At The McKinsey Global Research Institute.”"Diana Farrell, who was Obama’s deputy economic policy adviser for two years, promoted the benefits of offshoring while she worked at the McKinsey Global Research Institute. Farrell was the primary author of a 2003 report called ‘Offshoring: Is it a Win-Win Game?,’ which concluded that the benefits to the United States of offshoring exceed the costs. Farrell did not respond to multiple requests for comment.” (Tom Hamburger, Carol D. Leonnig and Zachary A. Goldfarb,"Obama’s Record On Outsourcing Draws Criticism From The Left,” The Washington Post, 7/9/12)

Diana Farrell Is An Advocate Of"Offshoring And Innovation To Produce Economic Growth.”"An advocate of offshoring and innovation to produce economic growth, Farrell joined President Barack Obama's administration early on, as he fought to restore confidence in the credit markets and save financial institutions on the brink of destruction. Despite rumors she might replace her boss, Farrell announced in November 2010 that she would leave the National Economic Council at about the same time as Larry Summers.” (“Who Runs Gov: Diana Farrell,” The Washington Post, Accessed 5/2/12)

Farrell Published Research That Said Offshoring Jobs Brings"Substantial Benefits” To The United States."But another one of Obama's choices, Diana Farrell, may be just as important in shaping White House policy. The former director of the McKinsey Global Institute, McKinsey & Co.'s economics research arm, Farrell has been tapped to serve on the National Economic Council and as deputy economic adviser to the president. McKinsey, a management consulting firm, has published research that argues that offshore outsourcing to low-wage countries brings ‘substantial benefits’ to the U.S. Its studies and reports have been cited by the tech industry in support of the H-1B visa program.” (Patrick Thibodeau,"H1-B, Offshoring Supporters Get Key Obama Administrations Posts,” ComputerWorld, 2/3/09)



Obama sent your taxpayer $ to Finland, Korea, Denmark, Mexico, and more.

Learn more at ObamanomicsOutsourced.com.


While Obama launches false attacks, it turns out he is the real outsourcer-in-chief

Learn more at ObamanomicsOutsourced.com.


RNC Launches “ObamanomicsOutsourced.com”

WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee launches ObamanomicsOutsourced.com chronicling President Obama’s ‘sterling’ record of shipping the American recovery oversees. President Obama is on the campaign trail touting his work to create American jobs but his record says otherwise: taxpayer dollars to create jobs around the world.

View the website at www.obamanomicsoutsourced.com
"President Obama has promised over and over that he would focus on creating ‘jobs that pay well and can’t be outsourced’ but his record speaks otherwise,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus."Through his ‘stimulus’ program billions of dollars from hard-working taxpayers were sent overseas.”
"The Outsourcer-In-Chief is going around the country touting his ‘jobs record,’ but the only positive record he has is creating jobs in faraway places like Finland and South Korea. He has resorted to vicious distortions of Governor Romney’s private sector business experience because he’s trying to distract from his own record of sending American dollars to fund diesel engines in Thailand and build wind turbines in Italy.”


Monday, July 9, 2012

Obama, Carmona Want Higher Taxes On Small Businesses

PHOENIX – The Arizona Republican Party today issued the following statement regarding President Obama’s call for higher taxes on job creators, a position that has been echoed by Democrat Richard Carmona:
"President Obama and Democrat Richard Carmona have long supported higher taxes, bigger government and increased spending, so their support for another massive tax hike on Arizona small businesses comes as little surprise. So on the heels of yet another weak jobs report, a massive health care bill that increases taxes on the middle class, and a growing $15 trillion debt, why can’t Richard Carmona answer one very simple question – how does raising taxes on Arizona small businesses create jobs?” -- Tim Sifert, Arizona Republican Party Spokesman


President Obama: "The Last Thing You Want To Do Is Raise Taxes In The Middle Of A Recession." (President Obama, Remarks During An Interview With NBC, Elkhart, IN, 8/5/09)


Roughly 940,000 small businesses will be hit by a big tax hike. According to the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB),"75 percent of small businesses are organized as pass-through entities meaning they pay taxes on their business income at the individual rate.” The Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) estimates the tax hike would hit about 940,000 small businesses (see more here from ABC News).

Half of all small business income would face higher taxes. According to Bloomberg News, analysis by JCT also shows President Obama’s plan for massive tax hikes"would mean higher taxes on 53 percent of business income reported on individual returns.”

More than a quarter of American workers’ jobs are at risk."According to U.S. Census data,” says NFIB, small businesses"employ more than 25 percent of the total workforce.” Raising taxes on small businesses threatens these jobs – the last thing we need to do in a weak economy.

Today’s Economy Weaker Than When Obama Extended All Tax Rates

2010 Economic Growth: 3.1%
Real GDP growth over the four quarters before Dec. 2010 tax rate extension: 3.1% (“Table 1.1.1, Percent Change From Preceding Period In Real Gross Domestic Product,” Bureau Of Economic Analysis, Accessed 7/9/12)

2012 Economic Growth: 2.0%
Real GDP growth over the previous four quarters: 2.0% (“Table 1.1.1, Percent Change From Preceding Period In Real Gross Domestic Product,” Bureau Of Economic Analysis, Accessed 7/9/12)

In 2010, Obama Said Tax Increases ‘Would Have Been A Blow To Our Economy’

PRESIDENT OBAMA:"...tax rates for every American were poised to automatically increase on January 1st... would have been a blow to our economy just as we’re climbing out of a devastating recession.” (President Obama, Remarks At Bill Signing, 12/17/10)

OBAMA:"If we allow these taxes to go up, the result would be that a lot of people most likely would spend less, and that means that the economy would grow less.” (President Obama, Remarks, Kokomo, IN, 11/23/10)



The Big Fail If You're "Happy" And You Know It...

Apparently the Democrats are"pretty happy” about 8.2% unemployment, more than 23 million Americans struggling for work and a record of broken promises that have left families worse off than they were four years ago. Please see the video of the DNC Chair on"Fox News Sunday” and economic rundown below:

VIDEO: DNC Chair"Happy” With 8.2% Unemployment:



ICYMI Chairman Tom Morrissey's "Hear Me Out" Column on What Makes America Great?

What makes our nation great is our culture of constitutionalism, our self-reliance, and our passionate concern for each other. The American Founders knew our nation would face continuous challenges, both domestic and foreign, and created a republic that built checks and balances into our institutions so that the people of the country would be served by responsive leaders and well-considered legislation. Our Constitution established a government led by representatives selected through frequent elections, divided power, and a decentralized government that have proven to be the best mechanism for a nation facing any threat and preserving a free society. Each of our fifty states, every one free but holding a unique kind of sovereignty, is tightly united and bound to our Constitution, which in turn empowers a federal government with defined, limited powers. These principles establish a carefully limited authority, and the institutions of our government that continually strive to preserve such principles are the key to the permanence of our Constitution and our nation.

The symbol or our government is our flag, made up of the thirteen stripes of the first states and the fifty separate and distinct stars representing today’s states. That is the truth behind the flag that flies over us, that it is a reminder that we are one nation -- one from many -- as the"E Pluribus Unum” embossed on many of our coins reminds us.

Abraham Lincoln, who as President experienced first-hand the violent and destructive results of a divided nation, put the preservation of our United States as a united nation above all else. It is thanks to Lincoln, considered the father of the Republican Party, and to our many elected leaders throughout history that our country still exists and does so with such a good measure peace and universal harmony not before seen in human history. While Lincoln presided over a war pitting state against state, it is a majestic truth of America that there are certain universal principles so hard won and now held so dearly that we are willing to fight for them and to die for them. Liberty is one of those principles.

America’s highest achievement is the preservation of human liberty, and liberty is the most important pursuit of the Republican Party. We have succeeded on many fronts. Republicans in our country’s history have stood the tallest against dangerous enemies like communism, and fought hard against the tyranny of burdensome bureaucracies, high taxes, and meaningless regulations that can choke off the prosperity of our families and our businesses.

But we can do better, and we all must. Our vision for the future is one of limited government, prosperity, and freedom for all. Our message is that faith and virtue are deeply dependent on liberty, and that our party speaks to all Americans who share these values.



Please support our Republican Arizona Corporation Commission candidates!

Visit their website now to find out how. www.corpcomm2012.com


Obama's Revisionist History...

(Part 3) Abandoning The Brand Of Hope And Change, Obama Senior Advisor David Axelrod Voluntarily Admitted That Obama Ran A Negative 2008 Campaign And Said He Would Do The Same In 2012. "Axelrod disputed the revisionist notion that Obama ran a strictly positive campaign four years ago - just ask Hillary Clinton and John McCain if they agree that Obama played patty-cake - and said the campaign is doing what it did in 2008, drawing a contrast between Obama and the opposition." (Glenn Thrush, "Obama's Negative Feedback Loop," Politico, 5/30/12)


Obama's Revisionist History...

(Part 2) 76 Percent Of The 68,443 Obama Ads That Have Aired Over The Last 30 Days Have Been Negative. "Off the 68,443 ads that Obama has run on TV (local broadcast, national network & national cable) in the 30-day period ended July 2, 52,016 had an 'anti-Romney message' - 76 percent of the total, according to New York-based Kantar Media's CMAG, which monitors campaign advertising." (Mark Silva, "$10 M Checks, Obama Complains - Yet Look Who's Gone Negative," Bloomberg, 7/6/12)


(Part 1) Obama's Revisionist History...

President Obama complains a lot on the stump about the negative tone of campaigns but the reality is he has a history of blurry memories and crying wolf on the subject. In 2008, it was Obama who turned down public financing, set fundraising records and blanketed the airwaves with negative ads against McCain. Politifact said Obama ran more negative ads than any presidential candidate in history. Surprise, surprise, Obama is leading the negative campaign yet again – 76 percent of his ads have been negative and let’s not forget David Axelrod admitting they’d run another negative campaign.

PolitiFact: Obama In 2008 Ran "More Negative Ads In American History" Than Any Other Presidential Candidate. "Rubio said, 'No candidate has run more negative ads in American history than Barack Obama did in 2008, especially in the general.' In sheer numbers, that statement is correct: Obama bought many more ads than McCain did, both positive and negative. Nevertheless, two studies suggest that, overall, Obama's ads were not significantly more negative than his rival. He ran the most negative ads because he ran the most ads. We rate Rubio's statement Mostly True." ("Marco Rubio Said 'No Candidate Has Run More Negative Ads In American History Than Barack Obama In 2008," Tampa Bay Times', "PolitiFact" 2/6/12)


After A Third Straight Weak Jobs Report Showing The Economy Stalling...

Obama's Solution Is To Call For Higher Taxes.

FLASHBACK - President Obama: "The Last Thing You Want To Do Is Raise Taxes In The Middle Of A Recession." (President Obama, Remarks During An Interview With NBC, Elkhart, IN, 8/5/09)


The Joint Committee On Taxation Found President Obama's Tax Hike Would Raise Taxes On Nearly One Million Households And Small Businesses. "According to JCT, next year 940,000 households within the top 2 percent will report net positive business income and will face marginal tax rates that would be 36 percent or 39.6 percent under Obama's plan, up from 33 percent and 35 percent now. That represents 3.5 percent of taxpayers who have business income and 53 percent of net positive business income, the analysis said." (Richard Rubin, "Obama Plan Means Higher Taxes On Business Profits: Study," Bloomberg, 6/19/12)

Obama's Tax Hikes Would Hit Businesses That Account For 53 Percent Of All Business Income. "President Barack Obama's plan to raise tax rates for the top 2 percent of U.S. households would mean higher taxes on the people who report 53 percent of business income reported on individual returns, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation." (Richard Rubin, "Obama Plan Means Higher Taxes On Business Profits: Study," Bloomberg, 6/19/12)

(Continue reading: www.gop.com/images/research/obama_last_thing_you_w...t.pdf)