Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Obama-Recruit Richard Carmona Still Supporting Obama's Healthcare Law

Jeff Flake Voted To Repeal President's Flawed Healthcare Law, Pledges to Strengthen Medicare

PHOENIX – Just three weeks before early voting starts, Democrat Richard Carmona, President Obama's hand-picked Senate candidate in Arizona, still can't manage to hide the fact that he's been a longtime supporter of ObamaCare.

The Jeff Flake for U.S. Senate campaign released a new television ad today showing voters the contrast between Jeff Flake's support of realistic reforms, and the claims made by Democrat Richard Carmona, who was recruited by President Obama and supports Obama's healthcare law.

"Jeff Flake is providing a clear choice for Arizona and is a leader with a proven record of supporting realistic reforms, unlike Democrat Richard Carmona who simply rubberstamps President Obama's liberal agenda," said Arizona Republican Party spokesman Tim Sifert. "Time is running out, and based on his support of the Democrat liberal agenda, Arizona's voters are quickly learning just how liberal Richard Carmona really is."


Richard Carmona Is The Handpicked Candidate Of President Barack Obama
"On September 23, President Obama called Richard Carmona to encourage him to run,” said one Democratic strategist. (Alexander Burns, Obama courts Ariz. Senate candidate, may contest state 'heavily', Politico, 10/06/11)

Carmona is one of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee's favorite candidates and was personally courted by President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to get into the race. (David Catanese, Bivens clears the way for Carmona, Politico, 3/27/2012)

Richard Carmona Called Obama "Brave"

Carmona on Obama's healthcare law:"I think what the President did was brave,” (Rubberstamp Rich Carmona, Youtube video)

Democrat Richard Carmona Longtime ObamaCare Supporter

In September 2009, Carmona Said Health Care Reform Was Essential To Contain Escalating Costs."Before the members of the public spoke, former U.S. Surgeon General and Tucson resident Dr. Richard Carmona told the crowd that health-care reform is essential to contain escalating costs and to change a system that focuses on ‘sick care’ rather than health. He added that he’s been disappointed at how many of the forums on national reform have devolved into shouting matches.”(Stephanie Innes,"Crowd Attentive, At Times Rowdy,” Arizona Daily Star, 9/1/09)

In March 2010, Carmona Announced Support For ObamaCare, Stating"We Need To Move Toward A Health Care System, Not The Sick Care System That We Have Today. This Legislation Moves Us Closer To That. This Bill Is Not Perfect. But These Are Complex Issues And We Must Move Forward.”"Carmona served as the 17th surgeon general of the United States under President George W. Bush. Last year, he participated in series of health care town halls that the congresswoman held in Tucson, Sierra Vista and Green Valley. ‘The issue facing our country is how do we get the best care for the most people at the least cost,’ Carmona said. ‘We spend more for health care than any other nation on Earth, but the metrics of our results don’t reflect that. We need to move toward a health care system, not the sick care system that we have today. This legislation moves us closer to that. This bill is not perfect. But these are complex issues and we must move forward. And then I hope we can sit down with level heads and make it even better for the benefit of the American people.’” (“U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Announces Support For Historic Health Insurance Reform Legislation,” Congresswoman Giffords Press Release, 3/20/10)



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