Friday, September 28, 2012

As The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Endorses Jeff Flake, Arizonans Are Reminded That Richard Carmona Supports Higher Taxes

Carmona Wants To Raise Taxes On Small Business Owners, Which Would Kill 13,000 Jobs In Arizona

PHOENIX – As the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce endorse Jeff Flake for his pro-jobs record, today the Arizona Republican Party is reminding voters that Richard Carmona’s supports raising taxes on small business owners across the state of Arizona.

A few weeks ago, Carmona came out and said that he supports raising taxes small businesses owners. Then this past week, Carmona doubled-down on his position of higher taxes when he told The Hill that he supports the Democrats’ efforts to raise taxes on small business owners, by refusing to support a full renewal of the 2001 and 2003 Republican tax cuts.

As The Hill reports:
"I would be willing to enter into discussion to say, people making over $250 or $300 or $500 [thousand] could pay, and you know, I’m a high wage-earner, and if I had to do that to help out for the next year, OK, I’ll do that.” (Alex Jaffe, Senate Candidate Carmona Has Dems Seeing Blue In Red-State Arizona, The Hill, 9/24/12)

Notably, Carmona’s healthcare law also includes a destructive medical device tax, that according to experts within the industry could kill 45,000 jobs.
"Richard Carmona – the handpicked candidate of President Obama – is the only candidate running who wants to raise taxes on small business owners, which according to reports could kill 13,000 jobs in Arizona,” said Arizona Republican Party spokesman Tim Sifert. "With nearly 250,000 unemployed Arizonans, we can’t afford Richard Carmona’s job-killing tax increases and it’s why we need Republican Congressman Jeff Flake who has a proven record of enacting pro-growth, pro-jobs policies.”


Carmona Supports Raising Taxes On Small Business Owners In Arizona

In September 2012, Richard Carmona Said That He Was Ok With Repealing The 2001 And 2003 Tax Cuts On"Higher Level” Income Earners. QUESTION:"Would you vote to repeal the Bush tax cuts?” CARMONA:"That’s a tough one, here is the issue on the Bush tax cuts right now. If we, it is a very complex issue, if we repeal them now, who gets hurt the most? If we just tax everybody, who’s going to get hurt the most? It is the poor people and the middle class, ok. People who are making a good living they may pay a little more but their house is not going to be in jeopardy, they are still going to make their car payments, they are still going to take vacation, so I think what makes sense right now is if you did repeal it, repeal it so that you protect the middle and lower class if you will. But on the other hand, if others at the higher level get taxed temporarily, I don’t have a problem with that.” (Stephen Lemons,"Jeff Flake-Foe Rich Carmona on Taxes, the Deficit, and Immigration,” Phoenix New Times, 9/17/12; Tempe Office Opening,, 9/15/12)
Obama's Tax Hikes On The Top Two Tax Brackets Will Harm The Arizona Economy

Obama's Plan To Raise Taxes Would Cost Arizona 13,000 Jobs. (Drs. Robert Carroll and Gerald Prante, "Long-Run Macroeconomic Impact Of Increasing Tax Rates On High-Income Taxpayers In 2013," Ernst & Young LLP , 7/12)

Obama's Plan To Raise Taxes Would Cost Arizona $3.5 Billion In Lost Economic Output. (Drs. Robert Carroll and Gerald Prante, "Long-Run Macroeconomic Impact Of Increasing Tax Rates On High-Income Taxpayers In 2013," Ernst & Young LLP , 7/12)
And His HealthCare Law Raises Contains a Job-Killing Medical Device Tax

ObamaCare’s Medical Device Tax Could Cost $20 Billion. Medical-device manufacturers and their advocates want to eliminate a 2.3 percent excise tax included in the federal health-care overhaul. Industry officials say the tax, which takes effect in January, would cost manufacturers about $20 billion during the next decade. (Ben Sutherly, Medical-device makers fight tax, Columbus Dispatch, 05/15/12)

AdvaMed Says Kerry’s Medical Device Tax Could Kill 45,000 Jobs Nationwide. "Boston Scientific’s chief executive yesterday ripped a tax on medical devices slated for 2013 and anticipated major layoffs at the Natick company if the levy — part of President Obama’s health-care overhaul — isn’t repealed. ... Elliott’s comments came a week after trade group AdvaMed released a study finding that the 2.3 percent federal excise tax would lead to more than 45,000 job losses nationwide ...” (Greg Turner, Boston Scientific CEO: Medical tax will mean job cuts, Boston Herald, 09/15/11)

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