Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Democrats’ Spending Fueled by Borrowing From China, And @Ann_Kirkpatrick's Stimulus Sent Jobs There AZ01

Democrats’ Stimulus Sent Jobs to China, Who Owns $1.15 Trillion of America’s Debt

WASHINGTON --- For each year of President Obama’s term, the national deficit has been over $1 trillion due to House Democrats like Ann Kirkpatrick voting for reckless spending policies like the $833 billion failed stimulus (Roll Call , 2/13/09). Now, China owns $1.15 trillion of our debt and Ann Kirkpatrick's stimulus also sent jobs overseas to them.
"With Ann Kirkpatrick, China gets the best of both worlds – they own our debt and we fund their jobs,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay."As our debt skyrockets and America’s unemployment remains unacceptably high, will Kirkpatrick continue to champion her party’s wasteful spending addiction as countries like China benefit?”

China owns $1.15 trillion in American debt. (“Major Foreign Holders of Treasury Securities,” U.S. Department of the Treasury, 9/18/2012)

Under President Obama, the national debt has increased by an astonishing $5.38 trillion. (“The Daily History of the Debt Results,” Bureau of the Public Debt, Accessed 9/18/2012)

Some of Washington Democrats’ stimulus funds went to creating jobs in China, along with other foreign countries:
"As we know from Choma’s exhaustive research, it is true that foreign-owned companies have received $2.4 billion in grants to build wind farms in the U.S. Choma gives this breakdown: ... China, $2.6 million. ... Choma wrote: ‘...we can’t say for sure how much of this stimulus money went to create jobs in China. Some money definitely did...” (Eugene Kiely, Lara Seligman, Lauren Hitt and Melissa Siegel,"Stimulus Jobs in China?,”, 10/29/2010)

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