Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jeff Flake Releases Plan for Economic Growth and Prosperity, AZSEN @JeffFlake

PHOENIX – Jeff Flake today released a sound and sensible plan to address the nation’s weak economy and jobs market – which has only been worsened during the last four years of President Obama’s failed economic policies. Flake’s plan outlines six steps that, if enacted, will help stabilize the America’s economy and markets and return the country to a prosperous path.

Jeff Flake’s plan calls for moving forward with comprehensive tax reform, halting the Obama Administration’s regulatory overreach, taking advantage of readymade economic opportunities, ensuring the U.S. economy has the best and the brightest, jumpstarting domestic energy development, and supporting free trade agreements and expanding exports.

These are policies that Jeff Flake has fought for in the House, and he’ll continue to fight for them in the Senate.
"The liberal policies of President Obama and the congressional Democrats have failed to improve to economy over the last four years and added trillions of dollars in debt that will cripple future generations,” said Jeff Flake."By taking the steps in this commonsense plan, we can stimulate the economy, spurring job creation and getting our country back on track.”

A PDF copy of the plan can be seen here.

Arizona’s Jeff Flake is committed to supporting policies that reduce spending, lower tax rates, and limit burdensome regulation. As the leader in the fight to end the corrupt practice of earmarks, Jeff Flake proved that one man could make a difference. He is nationally recognized as one of the most consistent, fiscally responsible members in Congress, and is endorsed by respected spending watchdog organizations like the Citizens Against Government Waste, the National Taxpayers Union, and Americans for Prosperity. In the Senate, Flake will be a check and balance on both parties in order to fight for Arizona.

For more information on Jeff Flake and why he’s running for the U.S. Senate, please visit his website at

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