Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jonathan Paton Releases First TV Ad,"Spending” in AZ01.

Paton leads by example while Ann Kirkpatrick continually breaks our trust

Jonathan Paton released his first television ad today, highlighting the clear contrast in the race for Arizona’s First Congressional District.

The ad outlines how Ann Kirkpatrick brought her campaign staff onto her congressional payroll after losing in 2010, and then rewarded them with taxpayer-funded bonuses. In total, Kirkpatrick wasted more than $100,000 on staff bonuses, including $20,000 for campaign aides.

Kirkpatrick’s blatant abuse of power is matched up next to Jonathan Paton’s record of protecting taxpayer dollars and leading by example, voluntarily enlisting for service in Iraq during the darkest days of the war.
"Jonathan Paton has a record of leading by example, both as a reformer at the state Capitol and as a soldier in Iraq,” said Barrett Marson, campaign spokesman."Ann Kirkpatrick broke our trust and wasted our money, even after Arizonans rejected her.”

The ad, titled"Spending,” is running on Phoenix broadcast starting today.

You can watch the ad here:

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