Monday, September 10, 2012

Rhetoric Meets Reality in AZ01 with @Ann_Kirkpatrick

Kirkpatrick's Party’s Plan Didn’t ‘Work’ As More People End Job Search

Hopeless Arizonans Give Up Under Democrats’ Big-Government Policies

WASHINGTON --- Job prospects for unemployed Americans have all but come to a halt as the national unemployment rate remained at a persistently weak rate of 8.1 percent. While Ann Kirkpatrick continues to champion her party’s hyper-regulatory, big-spending policies, 368,000 Americans gave up looking for work, leaving the workforce participation rate at its lowest level in more than 30 years.
"The rhetoric of Ann Kirkpatrick's party promised improved economic conditions, yet all they’ve succeeded in doing is making a bad economy worse,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay."The reality is that the highest number of Americans in 30 years have lost faith in their job situation getting better under Kirkpatrick's party.”

The unemployment rate in the month of August was 8.1 percent and 368,000 Americans gave up looking for work:
"Employment growth remained weak in August, with just 96,000 new positions created but the unemployment rate dropped to 8.1 percent...”
"The decline in the jobless rate, from 8.3 percent in July, came primarily because the labor force participation rate fell to 63.5 percent, its worst level in more than 30 years — since September 1981. The civilian labor force contracted by 368,000.” (Jeff Cox,"New Jobs at 96,000, Missing Expectations; Rate Hits 8.1%,” CNBC, 9/7/2012)

However, President Obama is ready to double down on his big-government, job-crushing policies, saying they’ve ‘worked’:
"Just like we’ve tried their plan, we tried our plan -- and it worked. That’s the difference.” (“Remarks by the President at a Campaign Event,” The White House, 7/25/2012)

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