Friday, September 7, 2012

Martha McSally's Statement on Today's Jobs Report AZ02

Tucson, AZ - The Bureau of Labor Statistics today released their August Jobs Report showing United States employers added just 96,000 jobs with nearly 400,000 Americans giving up their job search. Due to the high number of workers leaving the workforce in August, the unemployment rate dipped to 8.1% from 8.3%.

Martha McSally's comment on the August jobs report and the overall state of the United States Economy:

"It's time to pick principle over politics. It's time to stop the divisive nature of attack first and then work for the people second. And, right now in Washington, politics is taking priority over people and principle. I intend to change that in Congress. It is not acceptable to spend $821 billion of our tax dollars on a wasteful stimulus that has done nothing to stimulate job growth and has only served to stimulate the growth in our national debt and growth in our government. It is not acceptable for Congress to continue to create and perpetuate uncertainty in our economic future, which disincentives businesses from hiring and consumers from spending. We need a new direction. That direction is by unleashing the power of the American entrepreneur through lowering burdensome regulations on small businesses making it easier for our neighbors and friends to open or expand their businesses. And we need to practice a little self restraint in government - we need to stop the borrowing, spending and waste coming out of Washington. Only then will we see job growth and only then will the workers of America get back to work. And I promise the people of Southern Arizona, that I will not stop until we make meaningful reforms to get you working and growing again."

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  1. Surprised Marti McSally had the balls to actually come out of hiding and post something. He, like Jesse Kelly, refuse to do interviews and only speak to small, off camera cells of supporters. Then again Marti is posting on a forum where he has control over the comments...imagine.