Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to Stop the Liberal Agenda in Arizona


We just concluded a great Republican National Convention where we officially nominated Mitt Romney to be our next President. Last Tuesday, we nominated Congressman Flake to be our next Senator and Jonathan Paton, Martha McSally and Vernon Parker to be our next members of Congress in three critically-competitive districts.

They all need your help today!

If we don’t act now we will face ObamaCare, higher taxes and extreme leftist radicals in charge. We can’t let that happen, but the outcome is up to us.

Volunteers are needed to help make phone calls and go door to door. This person to person contact will help us bring victory on Election Day! Very soon, we will announce the locations of all of the Victory offices around Arizona, but our candidates need you in their phone banks as well.

To volunteer for Congressman Jeff Flake, call Katie Allare at (602) 845-0333 or email her at .
To volunteer for Jonathan Paton (CD-1), call Robert Mayer at (928) 224-0510 or email him at
To volunteer for Martha McSally (CD-2), call Bruce Harvie at (520) 488-5817 or email him at
To volunteer for Vernon Parker (CD-9), call Zac Bloomer at (602) 472-6471 or email him at

By working together we can win on election day and get this country back on track, and please know that the team here at Republican Party HQ will do everything we can to help our candidates.


Tom Morrissey
Chairman, Arizona Republican Party

P.S. Don’t set this email aside, the stakes are too high, we can’t take any more of the liberal agenda of Obama-Carmona-Kirkpatrick-Barber-Sinema. Their views are bad for Arizona and America and must be stopped. Please take action today!

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