Thursday, October 4, 2012

Arizona Middle Class ‘Buried’ Under Ron Barber's Toxic Policies, Define Success as Not Falling Behind. AZ02

Debilitating Uncertainty Has Arizona Workers Fearing Fate of Future Generations

WASHINGTON --- A recent survey highlights how middle class families believe they are"struggling to advance” under President Obama’s failed economy. This comes as no surprise as even Vice President Joe Biden admitted on the campaign trail that Ron Barber's big-government policies have"buried” Arizona families and small business owners in unacceptably high unemployment, leaving them with little faith in the direction of the economy.
"Ron Barber won’t get government out of the way of economic growth and Arizona workers are suffering for it,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay."Arizonans are finished with funding Barber's taxing, spending and borrowing policies that are ruining any opportunity for growing the economy.”

In a new report, middle class families are"struggling to advance” under Washington Democrats’ leadership:
"A majority of Americans now define success as not falling behind. They worry that fundamental changes in the economy are making it more difficult for them—and their children—to get ahead.” (Ronald Brownstein,"Struggling to Advance,” National Journal, 9/28/2012)

Vice President Biden admitted what the American middle class already knew – that his party has"buried” them in economic hardships:
"’This is deadly earnest. How they can justify ... raising taxes on the middle class that has been buried the last four years?’ [said Biden].” (Patricia Zengerle,"Biden: U.S. Middle Class ‘Buried the Last Four Years,’” Reuters, 10/2/2012)

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