Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Because Four Years of Trillion Dollar Deficits Wasn’t Enough, Will Sinema Support Obama’s Plan to Spend Even More? AZ09.

Dems Think Their Policies ‘Worked’ So They Want to Continue Strapping Families and Job Creators With Job-Killing Tax Hikes to Protect Their Spending Habits

WASHINGTON --- President Obama is making a renewed push to bury job creators and families in new taxes, claiming his second term top priority would be to increase taxes on job creators in order to continue his party’s spending habits. This approach – which Kyrsten Sinema's party has voted for – will crush small business owners and prevent them from creating jobs (Roll Call , 8/1/2012).
"President Obama and House Democrats are out-of-touch to think that by continuing their failed policies of more taxing, spending and borrowing will somehow produce different results,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. "Arizona voters, unlike Washington Democrats, know that you can’t spend your way to economic recovery – but will Kyrsten Sinema just blindly follow her party leaders?”

With the blind allegiance of his party, the deficit surpassed $1 trillion each year President Obama was president. (“Federal deficit tops $1 trillion for fourth year,” Associated Press, 10/12/2012)

This is the same failed economic approach that President Obama said has ‘worked:’
"Just like we’ve tried their plan, we tried our plan -- and it worked. That’s the difference.” (“Remarks by the President at a Campaign Event,” The White House, 7/24/2012)

Therefore, Americans can expect the same stale approach as President Obama admitted his second term plan is to focus on a deficit deal that includes tax hikes on job creators:

"’Well, there’s no doubt that our first order of business is going to be to get our deficits and debt under control...But we are also going to need some revenue,’ [said Obama].” (Daniel Strauss,"Obama says 'first order of business' in second term would be deficit,” The Hill, 10/29/2012)

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