Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sinema Campaign Home of the Whopper

Sinema Campaign Covers Up Kyrsten's Career as Counsel to Criminals. Fudges Résumé and Won't Release Client List

PHOENIX – Extreme congressional candidate Kyrsten Sinema’s career defending murderers is causing her campaign team to play fast and loose with the truth about Sinema’s record.

When questioned by Arizona Republic reporter Rebekah Sanders about Sinema’s résumé, her chief campaign obfuscator Rodd McLeod said that his boss hasn’t defended murderers, rapists and child molesters since 2006. (Dan Nowicki and Rebekah L. Sanders "AZ GOP Calls Sinema Soft on Crime, Arizona Republic, 10/24/12)

But a closer look at the Sinema record, which involves little more than access to Google, shows that the soft-on-crime Sinema as recently as 2009 touted her specialization"in criminal defense,” in her book"Unite and Conquer.”

Not long ago were the days that Sinema proudly touted her defense work, once even gleefully bragging at a gathering of leftist activists that she was a"criminal defense attorney who represents murderers.” (Shawn Macomber,"The Marginalized Mainstream,” The American Spectator, June 14, 2006)
"Sinema must have seen the poll numbers and figured out that standing up for murderers isn’t a winning campaign theme,” said Tim Sifert, spokesman for the Arizona Republican Party."It’s long past time for Sinema to stop the stonewalling and come clean with voters and release her criminal client list. Voters deserve to know the real Kyrsten Sinema. They’ll quickly realize just how extreme and far out of the mainstream Sinema is.”

Sinema has repeatedly gone mute on her record on criminal justice issues throughout her campaign for Congress.


Sinema on Crime

Sponsored legislation to repeal the death penalty, which would have spared the Serial Shooter and the Baseline Killer. (48th Legislature, HB 2278, death penalty; repeal; natural life.)

Authored bill to release killers under age 18 out of prison after 25 years. (2008, HB 2293)

Sponsored H.B. 2678, a bill that would have established a process to release criminals on a medical parole with no allowance for victims to make a victim impact statement. (48th Legislature, prisoners; medical parole).

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