Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Three Strikes, Richard Carmona, and You're Out! AZSEN.

Third Big Lie from Richard Carmona Tops Countless Distortions and Truth-Twistings Followed by Insults of Debate Moderator Candy Crowley

PHOENIX – Over the course of just two weeks President Obama's hand-picked Arizona recruit, Richard Carmona, added two more glaring lies to his list of statements that are flatly untrue. This news comes on the heels of a devastating development last week in which Carmona skewered his own campaign by personally insulting CNN's Candy Crowley.

One of Carmona's lies came to light last week, when Dennis Welch from 3TV interviewed Richard Carmona about voting in the 2010 election:

Welch: "He [Carmona] says he did vote that year but election officials in Pima County say he didn't."

Carmona: "It was a mail-in ballot, that's all I remember, and I think I was travelling -- is the reason -- most of the time I use the, uh, mail in ballot."

Welch: "But Pima County Record F. Ann Rodriguez says her records don't back up Carmona's claim."

The second whopper from Carmona stems from Carmona trying to question Flake's support for veterans. Veterans responded swiftly to support Flake, in fact, and U.S. Army Veteran April White immediately defended Flake and said, "Jeff helped me when no one else would." She also said Carmona's television advertising "makes me sick." A fact check broadcast by ABC15 News called two statements by Carmona "misleading."

A third recent major campaign fib from Carmona came early this week in which Carmona got the facts all wrong regarding Jeff Flake's support for mining in Northern Arizona.

Carmona wrongly said Jeff Flake supports mining in the Grand Canyon, but yesterday the Jeff Flake for Senate responded the claim is not true and provided video evidence of his exchange earlier this year with Ken Salazar, President Obama's Secretary of the Interior:

Flake:"If those of us who disagree with the decision to remove a million acres, nobody in the Department can say, or it’s not true, that we are advocating to mine in the Grand Canyon. Correct?”

Salazar:"That’s exactly correct.”

Flake:"And by the same token, none of us who disagree with the Department’s decision can be said to be advocating mining within the Grand Canyon National Park either?”

Salazar:"That is correct.”

Carmona's attack is based on his own error regarding basic Arizona geography: the truth is that the land in question is not in the Grand Canyon or the Grand Canyon National Park. Despite being corrected, the Carmona campaign insists on continuing to mislead voters. (“Obama Interior Secretary Ken Salazar Contradicts Richard Carmona's Campaign,” Flake press release, October 22, 2012)
"Richard Carmona earned instant infamy for his demeaning and deeply offensive insult of CNN's Candy Crowley last week,” said Arizona Republican Party spokesman Tim Sifert. "But those of us who've been watching his career come to an end also need to remind voters that Carmona's entire campaign has been based lies about Jeff Flake.”


Carmona's Description of His Own Career Full of Distortions and Half-Truths

"I followed his career when he served as U.S. surgeon general during 2002-2006, and it was nothing to write home about – or on which to run for political office." (Henry I. Miller, Forbes Dr. Carmona's Condition, 10/17/12)

"In contrast to these profiles in courage, Dr. Carmona went along to get along. He testified before the Waxman committee that he had allowed himself to be muzzled and subjected to 'partisanship and political manipulation' by Bush Administration 'political appointees' in his 'chain of command,' whom he refused to name." (Henry I. Miller, Forbes Dr. Carmona's Condition, 10/17/12)

"Dr. Carmona was virtually invisible during his entire tenure." (Henry I. Miller, Forbes Dr. Carmona's Condition, 10/17/12)

"Dr. Carmona often got the science wrong." (Henry I. Miller, Forbes Dr. Carmona's Condition, 10/17/12)

"While he was surgeon general, Dr. Carmona gave a lecture (which I attended) to an audience of scholars at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. Thirty-five of his forty minutes were devoted to self-serving autobiography; the remaining five minutes offered no specifics but merely a promise to"implement the public health policies of the president.” (Henry I. Miller, Forbes Dr. Carmona's Condition, 10/17/12)



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