Thursday, October 18, 2012

NRSC Releases New Ad Reminding Voters That Richard Carmona Stands With Obama On Reckless Spending

Richard Carmona Supports More Spending, More Debt & Higher Taxes

WASHINGTON – The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) today released their latest statewide ad which reminds voters that during his recent debate, Richard Carmona – the handpicked candidate of President Barack Obama – told voters that he wants to spend more, reverse the ban on earmarks and increase taxes on Arizona families and small businesses.
"There’s a reason President Obama personally recruited Richard Carmona to run for Senate and that’s because he knows Carmona will be a loyal ally for his tax-and-spend agenda,” said National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) spokesman Jahan Wilcox. "Jeff Flake is a proven reformer who will continue to fight wasteful spending, and that’s the type of real leadership we need in Washington today.”


Flake Has Led The Charge Against Earmarks & Pork Barrel Spending
"Bottom line: Flake's leadership and constant battle against earmarks did help lead to the eventual moratorium on the practice. His colleagues and taxpayer watchdog groups credit his role as essential and it's reasonable to say it wouldn't have happened without him. It's true that Flake by himself did not get rid of earmarks, and certainly some wasteful congressional spending will continue even with them officially gone. But his lonely years-long crusade, his undeniable status as the House's No. 1 earmark foe and his outsized influence on the issue does give him unique standing to take credit for getting rid of them.” (Jose Zavala and Dan Nowicki,” The issue: Rep. Jeff Flake's fight against earmarks,” Arizona Central, 6/26/12)

Meanwhile Richard Carmona – The Handpicked Candidate Of President Obama – Wants To Reverse The Ban On Earmarks
"Carmona blamed members of Congress who abused the practice for tainting earmarks. But, he said that shouldn't prevent senators from tapping into federal money to help the state improve roads, schools and infrastructure, like the Central Arizona Project, which was pushed through Congress by former U.S. Sen. Carl Hayden in 1968. It is the largest and one of the most expensive federal reclamation project in U.S. history.” (Brady McCombs,"Wide split on use of 'earmarks,'” Arizona Daily Star, 10/14/12)
"Carmona Defended The Practice, Saying ‘All Earmarks Are Not Pork’ And That They Can Fund Much-Needed Infrastructure Projects In The State. The Democrat pointed out that Flake’s congressional colleagues have found ways to circumvent the earmark ban. ‘What we are talking about are smart investments in our community,’ Carmona said. ‘This is not a bridge to nowhere.’” (Scott Wong,"Potential spoiler in Jeff Flake-Richard Carmona race,” Politico, 10/10/12)

And Carmona Supports ObamaCare, Higher Taxes & More Spending

Carmona Said He Supported Obamacare And Said What The President Did Was Brave. QUESTION:"The affordable care act, do you support it and are there any recommendations you might make for amendment to the affordable care act . . .” CARMONA:". . . Yes, I support it however, I have spoken to the President about this, I have spoken to the senior leadership, Harry Reid, Murray, Schumer on all these issues. I think what the President did was brave to move forward with a plan to try and ensure that every American has access to a basic set of health care benefits. Clearly it is where I am, 100 percent.” (“Richard Carmona Supports Obamacare,” Arizona Democrat Party Meeting, Tucson, AZ, Youtube, 1/21/12)

In September 2012, Richard Carmona Said That He Was Ok With Repealing The 2001 And 2003 Tax Cuts On"Higher Level” Income Earners. QUESTION:"Would you vote to repeal the Bush tax cuts?” CARMONA:"That’s a tough one, here is the issue on the Bush tax cuts right now. If we, it is a very complex issue, if we repeal them now, who gets hurt the most? If we just tax everybody, who’s going to get hurt the most? It is the poor people and the middle class, ok. People who are making a good living they may pay a little more but their house is not going to be in jeopardy, they are still going to make their car payments, they are still going to take vacation, so I think what makes sense right now is if you did repeal it, repeal it so that you protect the middle and lower class if you will. But on the other hand, if others at the higher level get taxed temporarily, I don’t have a problem with that.” (Stephen Lemons,"Jeff Flake-Foe Rich Carmona on Taxes, the Deficit, and Immigration,” Phoenix New Times, 9/17/12; Tempe Office Opening,, 9/15/12; 4:30)

CARMONA:"... So I Think What Makes Sense Right Now Is If You Did Repeal It, Repeal It So That You Protect The Middle And Lower Class If You Will. But On The Other Hand, If Others At The Higher Level Get Taxed Temporarily, I Don’t Have A Problem With That.” (Stephen Lemons,"Jeff Flake-Foe Rich Carmona on Taxes, the Deficit, and Immigration,” Phoenix New Times, 9/17/12; Tempe Office Opening,, 9/15/12; 4:30)

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