Monday, October 29, 2012

Senator Jon Kyl Reaffirms Carmona Unfit to Represent Arizona AZSEN.

PHOENIX – U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl issued the following statement today reaffirming his previous contention that he lost interest in Dr. Richard Carmona's potential candidacy for elective office following a conversation in which Carmona emphasized an interest in the perks of the job: "Richard Carmona’s latest assertion about me is no less misleading than the others. Several years ago, he and I attended a charity dinner in Phoenix after which I sent him a note complimenting him on his remarks. As I recall, we chatted during the dinner about his future in the most general of terms. This was the conversation I was referring to in the personal note I sent him shortly after the dinner.
"When we finally did speak again, we discussed the possibility of his running for the House seat then occupied by retiring Congressman Jim Kolbe, and as I’ve said, once it became clear to me that Mr. Carmona’s primary concern was the perks of the office, I concluded he was not worth pursuing any further.
"It was deeply off-putting to me that Mr. Carmona was more interested in a house and a car than he was in the issues that matter to Arizonans. That impression has been powerfully confirmed by Mr. Carmona’s recent dishonesty about our past interactions, as well as a recent campaign ad that implies I support his candidacy when I do not.
"Mr. Carmona struck me as unfit to represent Arizona in Congress several years ago. That judgment seems even truer today. This shows that he lacks the integrity and character Arizonans should be able to expect from their elected representatives in Washington.”

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