Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ann Kirkpatrick A boycotter’s best friend AZ01 JustLikePelosi

Ann Kirkpatrick is standing in solidarity with the same out-of-state radical activists who boycotted Arizona, destroying jobs and hurting our economy.

Kirkpatrick has received $5,000 from the SEIU, the union group that helped initiate and lead the boycott of Arizona in 2010. Not a surprise given that Kirkpatrick opposed Arizona’s immigration law, SB1070, and repeatedly voted against efforts to secure our border when she was in the state Legislature.

Kirkpatrick’s money from big unions doesn’t stop there. In total, Kirkpatrick has received a total of $116,700 from powerful union special interests.
"Ann Kirkpatrick is walking arm in arm with the same radical activists who attacked Arizona and hurt our economy,” said Paton spokesman Barrett Marson."This relationship is a red flag. Kirkpatrick will continue to put these extremists before Arizonans if she gets back to Washington.”

The facts about SEIU:

SEIU CALLED FOR A BOYCOTT OF ARIZONA: (“Labor unions, civil-rights groups boycott Arizona,” Arizona Republic, 5/6/2010)

FACTCHECK.ORG CALLS THEM A"DEMOCRATIC/LIBERAL” ORGANIZATION: (“Service Employees International Union (SEIU),”, 8/10/2010)

GAVE 95% TO DEMOCRATS IN 2008: (“Service Employees International Union (SEIU),”, Accessed 2/3/2012)

PRIMARILY UNION DUES, BUT SEIU IN THE PAST HAS"SIPHONED DUES FROM MEDICAID PAYMENTS”: (Joel Gehrke,"SEIU Siphons ‘Dues’ From Mich. Medicaid Payments,” The Washington Examiner, 11/10/2011)

FORMER PRESIDENT ANDY STERN WAS A"CHIEF ARCHITECT” OF DEMOCRATS’ GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE TAKEOVER:"MOST ENGAGED AND INFLUENTIAL” IN PASSING OBAMACARE: (Ezra Klein,"Andy Stern: ‘We Need to Make Ourselves More Involved in these People’s Career Planning,’” The Washington Post, 2/3/2012)

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