Sunday, October 21, 2012

VIDEO Jeff Flake Delivers the Weekly Republican Address

"It is my hope that the recess from fiscal sanity that the last four years have represented is over”

PHOENIX – Congressman Jeff Flake (R-AZ6) -- a candidate for the United States Senate -- delivered today’s weekly Republican address, stressing a path of fiscal responsibility, and the importance of tackling our nation’s debt and deficit.

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Transcript of Jeff Flake’s address:
"Hello, I’m Jeff Flake, congressman from Arizona’s Sixth District.
"Last week, the Obama administration confirmed that the budget deficit for fiscalyear 2012 will be $1.1 trillion dollars. This will mark the fourth year in a row that the federal government has spent more than it has taken in to the tune of over a trillion dollars. With the school year under way across the country, it is not comforting to think that the class of 2012, who were freshmen along with this President, graduated without knowing what it was like to be in high school without the term ‘trillion dollar deficit’ being ever present in the news.
"And what do we have to show for this prolonged and record setting federal spending? The U.S. unemployment rate was 7.8 percent the month President Obama took office -- the same as it is this month. Home values have gone down by over 10 percent, and gas prices have more than doubled. The Obama administration added over 5 trillion dollars to the national debt for this?
"President Obama undoubtedly inherited a fragile economy, but he’s done little to improve it. In fact, rather than take a lesson, his answer to persistently weak jobs numbers is pressure to spend another half a trillion dollars on legislation that would fail to even take steps to deal with the economic slowdown.
"While House Republicans have passed a budget that addresses our challenges head-on, Democrats in the Senate have failed to even attempt to do their homework. They have not passed a budget in over 1200 days. Though the private sector is straining under the financial uncertainty facing the economy, perhaps worse yet is the regulatory certainty this administration appears bent on guaranteeing.
"If Arizona is in any way a microcosm for regulatory overreaches -- and I think it is -- then it is no wonder that the economy is struggling. Whether it’s locking up prime mining lands in northern Arizona to responsible mining, considering expensive and unnecessary requirements on power plants that could threaten water delivery across the state, forcing state and local governments to shell out precious dollars to just get off the regulatory hook for dust storms they can’t prevent or control, or threatening hotels and resorts with requirements to install permanent lifts in every pool and spa, there seems no end to the regulatory appetite of this administration.
"My wife, Cheryl, and I celebrated some great news this week. We became grandparents for the first time. Aiden Jeffry Flake was lucky enough to be born in the greatest country in the world. While it will be years before he is ready to start school, his share of the national debt is already over $50,000. If we continue along our current budget trajectory, ourgrandson is simply not going to have the same opportunities that my grandparents created for me. I know that I’m joined by many when I say I simply will not let that happen.
"It is my hope that the recess from fiscal sanity that the last four years have represented is over. As bad as our fiscal challenges are, it’s not too late. The bell has rung and it’s time for us to get to work.”

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