Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Four Days After "Joke," Richard Carmona Has Yet to Offer Arizonans an Explanation

Voters deserve to know why Carmona thinks a joke about a woman’s looks is funny to him.

PHOENIX – It’s been over four days since Richard Carmona made an insensitive comment about CNN’s Candy Crowley’s looks, and over three days since he was forced to apologize for it. But Richard Carmona has yet to explain to Arizona voters why he thought such a comment would be funny in the first place.

The liberal-leaning The Atlantic touched on that issue:"It’s like he wanted to have a moment of levity, to connect with voters, and the first thing that popped into his head was calling a woman ugly.” (Elspeth Reeve, "Arizona Senate Candidate Calls Candy Crowley Ugly for No Reason" The Atlantic, 10/18/12)
"Richard Carmona apologized for his comment by passing it off as a joke, but Arizonans deserve to know why Carmona thinks making fun of a woman’s appearance is funny to him,” said Sharon Giese, Arizona Republican Party National Committeewoman.



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