Friday, October 26, 2012

Carmona Under Fire For ‘Controversial’ Ad - AZSEN

Richard Carmona’s Ad ‘Blasted,’ ‘Condemned,’ ‘Denounced,’ ‘Panned,’ ‘Repudiated’ Called ‘Blatantly Deceptive,’ ‘Deeply Dishonest’

Media: ‘McCain, Kyl Livid’
"...the audio of the ad would make it appear that McCain and Kyl are offering a blanket endorsement of Carmona... The ad does not state that they back Carmona's opponent...” (National Journal, 10/26/12)
"The GOP duo pushed back late Thursday with a hard-hitting joint statement in which they called the new Carmona spot "deeply dishonest" and part of a "shameful" effort to try to deceive voters that demonstrates Carmona's lack of credibility.” (The Arizona Republic, 10/25/12)
"McCain and Kyl condemned the ad... accusing Carmona of misleading voters...” (NationalJournal, 10/26/12)
"McCain, Kyl livid over new TV ad” (KTVK 3TV, Phoenix)
"The ad prompted a sharp response from Kyl and McCain.” (KTVK 3TV, Phoenix)
"Kyl and McCain, who have endorsed Flake, repudiated the ad.” (The Washington Post, 10/26/12)
"McCain and Kyl blasted the ad... calling it blatantly deceptive.” (Politico, 10/25/12)
"...the two Senators denounced the ad, calling it"deeply dishonest.” (The Hill, 10/25/12)
"...the two Arizona Republicans are not at all pleased about it.” (Politico, 10/25/12)
"McCain, Kyl slam Carmona ad as ‘deeply dishonest’” (The Hill, 10/25/12)
"...panned as ‘deeply dishonest...’” (The Daily Caller, 10/25/12)

‘...Controversial...’ (National Journal, 10/26/12)

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