Thursday, September 6, 2012

Obama Spin Vs. Reality On Jerusalem.

Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter claimed this morning that Obama made clear his personal beliefs about Jerusalem in the 2008 campaign. Unfortunately, the speech she cites didn’t mention Jerusalem and when he did, he flip-flopped the next day. Check out the SPIN vs. REALITY:

SPIN: Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter Said That Obama Laid Out His Personal Beliefs On Jerusalem In His 2007 Speech To AIPAC. FOX NEWS’ MARTHA MACCALLUM:"Nobody knows who took the line out and nobody knows who changed the language about Jerusalem?” OBAMA DEPUTY CAMPAIGN MANAGER STEPHANIE CUTTER:"Jerusalem is the same example. The president's policy, the president's personal belief, he laid it out in 2007 at AIPAC, that he personally believes that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. And he directed us to reinsert that into the platform. And we did it last night.” (Fox News’"America’s Newsroom,” 9/6/12)

REALITY: But Obama’s 2007 AIPAC Address Makes No Mention Of Jerusalem. (Senator Barack Obama, Remarks At The AIPAC Policy Forum, Chicago, IL, 3/2/07)

REALITY: Maybe Cutter Was Referring To Obama’s 2008 AIPAC Speech, When He Called Jerusalem The"Undivided” Capital Of Israel Before Backtracking The Next Day

In 2008, Obama Told AIPAC That Jerusalem"Will Remain The Capital Of Israel, And It Must Remain Undivided.” OBAMA:"Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided.” (Senator Barack Obama, Remarks At AIPAC Policy Conference, Arlington, VA, 6/4/08)

One Day After The AIPAC Conference, Obama Backtracked, Saying The Future Of Jerusalem Would Have To Be Negotiated By Israel And The Palestinians. CNN'S CANDY CROWLEY:"I want to ask you about something you said in AIPAC yesterday. You said that Jerusalem must remain undivided. Do Palestinians have no claim to Jerusalem in the future?” SENATOR BARACK OBAMA:"Well, obviously, it's going to be up to the parties to negotiate a range of these issues.” (CNN's"The Situation Room,” 6/5/08)

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