Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Alternate Universe

After saying there was no discord on the Platform, calling it a technical mistake and saying Israel has never had a greater friend than Obama, CNN’s Anderson Cooper couldn’t have said it better – Debbie Wasserman Schultz is living in an alternate universe. Or put another way, a liar.
ANDERSON COOPER: Thank you very much. I just gotta, I just have to go to the panel with this. I mean Debbie Wasserman Schultz said it wasn’t a change of language, there was no discord that we saw and it was a 2/3 vote. I mean that is an alternate universe.
FLASHBACK ...COOPER: Let me point out again, this is the same person who last week or two weeks ago was attacking the Romney campaign, saying that it's the candidate who sets the platform, who designs and writes the platform. It wasn't true when she was saying it two weeks ago, but now isn't it fair if she claim that about the Republican platform to claim that about the Democrat platform.

DWS: It was essentially a technical oversight...

DWS: I'm so proud of our president's stellar record on Israel and proud that our proud is 100% strong on the U.S./Israel relationship...
DWS: Platforms are many pages long...

DWS: There wasn't any discord. As Mayor Villaraigosa presided, it takes a two-thirds vote. He had to make sure we had a two-thirds vote. When he realized that we did, we moved forward.
DWS: Israel's never had a greater friend than President Obama.

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