Thursday, October 11, 2012

Where was Kyrsten? AZ09

@KyrstenSinema Snubbed by President Bill Clinton Days After He Rallied with other House Candidates in California.

Phoenix, AZ – Just two days after President Clinton held a rally at UC Davis in California for several Congressional Democrat candidates, he came to Arizona and snubbed radical leftist Kyrsten Sinema at ASU.

It’s not surprising, since Carmona said he won’t endorse Sinema, even though he endorsed another Arizona Democrat Congressional candidate. Earlier this year, President Clinton endorsed Sinema’s primary opponent.
"It’s the ultimate snub and a stinging rebuke of her radical leftist agenda, for former Democratic President Bill Clinton and Democratic Senate hopeful Richard Carmona to exclude Sinema in the heart of this Congressional district,” said Alyssa Pivirotto, Parker Communications Director.
"The question everyone is asking: why wasn’t she invited? If Sinema was the uniter she claims to be you would think she could at least get her fellow Democrats to stand with her,” concluded Pivirotto.

In 2000, Sinema worked for radical Ralph Nader over liberal Al Gore, and ran against the Democrats in 2000 and 2001, protesting that Democrats were too moderate, that they"had moved too far to the center.”

President Clinton will attend a rally in Iowa Friday for a Democratic Congressional candidate less extreme than Sinema.

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