Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Felons Over Families Sinema Record Puts Criminals Before Victims. AZ09

Kyrsten Sinema Authored Law for "Medical Parole" with no Mention of Victims' Rights

PHOENIX – Congressional candidate Kyrsten Sinema today continued her stonewalling over her past career as a criminal defense attorney as her state legislative record reveals a politician more interested in standing up for convicts than for Arizona families.

Sinema in 2007 introduced H.B. 2678, a bill that would have established a process to release criminals on a medical parole (48th Legislature, prisoners; medical parole). Shockingly, Sinema’s bill did not allow for the felon’s victims to make a statement before the parole board or enter a victim impact statement for the record.
"When it comes to protecting her constituents, Kyrsten Sinema comes up woefully short,” said Sharon Giese, Arizona Republican National Committewoman"Before releasing a dangerous criminal back onto the streets, shouldn’t the victims get a say? In her rush to please her far left base, Sinema turned her back on crime victims. While it might be a blow to her get-out-the-vote strategy, thankfully, convicts can’t vote.”

Victims’ rights advocates have long cited the victim impact statement as a critical element in protecting the interests of victims. In fact, their use dates back to a 1992 U.S. Attorney General report on recommendations for protecting victims’ rights. The report states that judges should "Provide for hearing and considering the victims' perspective at sentencing and at any early release proceedings." (United States. Office of the Attorney General. Combating Violent Crime: 24 Recommendations to Strengthen Criminal Justice. 1992. p. 50.)

Sinema, who once bragged that she was a"criminal defense attorney who represents murderers,” has refused calls to release her past client list. (Shawn Macomber,"The Marginalized Mainstream,” The American Spectator, June 14, 2006)

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