Friday, October 5, 2012

Even Tucson Weekly calls Ann Kirkpatrick Ad attacking Jonathan Paton, "Simply False." AZ01

The Tucson Weekly – which has covered Rio Nuevo from start to finish – is calling Ann Kirkpatrick’s latest attack ad"phony” and its attacks"simply false.”
"Accusing (Paton) of being part of the group that wasted hundreds of millions of dollars is simply false,” the publication reports.

As the Weekly points out, Paton passed reforms to the board and was then appointed to help clean up the mess left by the city of Tucson and the original Rio Nuevo Board. Paton called for audits to determine where the $200 million was wasted.

Here is a comment from Jonathan on this false attack:
"Ann Kirkpatrick’s support in this district is plummeting as voters learn that she wasted more than $100,000 of taxpayer money on bonuses for her staff and campaign aides after being voted out of office in 2010. Now, she has no choice but to just make things up. This ad is a complete lie and speaks volumes about not only Kirkpatrick’s lack of character but also her understanding of the issues in the southern part of this district. I call on her to immediately take down what the Weekly describes as pure 'BS.'"

From the Tucson Weekly:

Tucson Weekly: CD 1 Air War: Kirkpatrick Levels BS Claim Against Paton on Rio Nuevo
"Paton called for audits of that spending while serving in the Arizona Legislature and pushed to see a new board formed that stripped control from the city of Tucson. By the time Paton joined the new Rio Nuevo Board following his resignation from the state Senate to pursue an unsuccessful bid for Congress in 2010, the Rio Nuevo Board members had stopped spending money on almost anything besides audits and attorneys.... You can be critical of the reformed Rio Nuevo board that Paton joined for filing lawsuits instead of pushing forward with repairs to the Tucson Convention Center, but accusing him of being part of the group that wasted hundreds of millions of dollars is simply false.”

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