Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How Will Barber Defend His Healthcare Takeover that Already Costs $27.6 Billion and Destroyed 18,000 Jobs? AZ02.

After a Look at the Facts, Arizona Voters Aren’t Buying What Pelosi’s Caucus is Selling

WASHINGTON --- All the facts are there – Ron Barber and Nancy Pelosi promised 4 million jobs and we got 18,000 destroyed jobs. They promised Arizona voters they wouldn’t be taxed due to ObamaCare, but now they will be buried in new taxes. How can Barber continue to support his government healthcare overhaul when it continues to be an enormous burden on Arizona families (Roll Call , 7/11/2012)?
"In a fragile economy, ObamaCare has proven to be nothing but an economic nightmare that repeatedly breaks Democrats’ promises,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay."Arizona voters will take this election as an opportunity to tell Ron Barber and Nancy Pelosi that they refuse to let their policies continue to destroy jobs and take their healthcare choices away.”

THEY PROMISED: Nancy Pelosi said ObamaCare would create 4 million jobs. (Speeches, Office of Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, 3/22/2010)

PROMISE BROKEN: A study said ObamaCare regulations have cost $27.6 billion and killed 18,000 jobs.
"Fully implementing Obamacare regulations have already cost the U.S. economy $27.6 billion and more than 18,000 jobs according to a new study released today.” (Conn Carroll,"Study: ObamaCare Regs Have Cost $27.6 Billion, Killed 30,000 Jobs,” The Washington Examiner, 10/9/2012)

THEY PROMISED: President Obama was adamant that the mandate would not raise taxes on American families. (“Obama: Mandate Is Not A Tax,” ABC News, 9/20/09)

PROMISE BROKEN: The Supreme Court ruled ObamaCare’s individual mandate to be a tax:
"The Affordable Care Act’s requirement that certain individuals pay a financial penalty for not obtaining health insurance may reasonably be characterized as a tax.” (Chief Justice John Roberts, 567 U.S. (2012), Supreme Court of the United States, 6/28/2012, p. 44)



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