Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Frank Antenori receives Arizona Latino Republican Association (ALRA) Endorsement in AZLD10

At an Antenori Rally yesterday the Tucson Chapter of the Arizona Latino Republican Association, ALRA, issued a resounding endorsement of Senator Frank Antenori.

"I'm honored to have the support of an organization that represents traditional American values while at the same time celebrating the diverse cultures of the great melting pot that has made America such a great place to live" said Antenori.

"On behalf of the Executive Board of ALRA-Tucson (the Arizona Latino Republican Association - Tucson Chapter), it gives me great pleasure to inform you that we have deemed your candidacy to be in solidarity with the conservative mission of our association as stated in our defining philosophies. Therefore, we officially extend our endorsement of you for Arizona State Senate, Legislative District 10.

When the State of Arizona found itself over $3 billion dollars in debt, you were elected to the State House of Representatives and later, to the State Senate, promising to fix the problem. Under your strong leadership in both houses, especially as Majority Whip in the Senate, the State Legislature was able to pass legislation, spending cuts and new policies that indeed helped Arizona come out of the red. Even more importantly, under your strong leadership, we now have a budget surplus that has been put in a "Rainy Day" fund. Arizona also has just been named as the top job producing state in the Nation.

The constituents of LD10, and all of Arizona, need your strong, proven leadership to help deal with the many continued economic, educational and other problems we still face. Small Latino businesses, also making a comeback under your proven tenure in Phoenix, need to continue that improvement and move forward with you in the State Senate.

Congratulations on receiving ALRA Tucson's endorsement of your campaign. We look forward to working to get you re-elected and thus strengthen the conservative representation that is so vital to the future or our community."

You can learn more about Senator Antenori by visiting his website at:

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