Monday, October 1, 2012

D.C. Liberals Put Their Money Behind Richard Carmona, The Handpicked Candidate Of President Obama. AZSEN

Liberals In Washington Are Trying To Prop Up Richard Carmona’s Campaign

PHOENIX – When President Obama phoned Richard Carmona just over a year ago to get him to run for the U.S. Senate, it was just the first of many attempts by liberal Democrats in Washington, D.C., to spread their influence onto Arizona's voters. Today we learned that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) is spending more than a half-million dollars on television advertising trying to help Richard Carmona run away from his connection to Mr. Obama.

Additionally, not only does this money ensure that Carmona will try to protect the Democrats’ majority in the U.S. Senate – by voting for Harry Reid as the Senate Majority Leader – but it’s another reminder that he’ll be a reliable vote for President Obama’s tax-and-spend agenda.
"We're just now getting a better understanding of why Democrat Richard Carmona answered 'yes' to President Obama's call for him to run for office,” said Arizona Republican Party spokesman Tim Sifert. "This money serves as a notice that Richard Carmona will be a reliable vote for President Obama and Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid’s liberal agenda.”


President Barack Obama & Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid Personally Recruited Richard Carmona
"On September 23, President Obama called Richard Carmona to encourage him to run,” said one Democratic strategist. (Alexander Burns, Obama courts Ariz. Senate candidate, may contest state 'heavily', Politico, 10/06/11)

Carmona is one of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee's favorite candidates and was personally courted by President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to get into the race. (David Catanese, Bivens clears the way for Carmona, Politico, 3/27/2012)
Obama personally called Carmona and asked him to run, and Carmona told The Hill in February that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and other top Democrats were also among those who reached out to court him. (Josh Lederman, Democrat Bivens drops out of Arizona Senate primary, clearing way for Carmona, The Hill, 3/27/2012)


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