Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Arizona Republican Party Chairman Tom Morrissey On Shooting Death of Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie.

PHOENIX – Arizona Republican Party Chairman issued the following statement today upon news of the shooting death of Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie and the wounding of a second agent near Arizona's border with Mexico.

"As a retired law enforcement officer, this tragedy hits a place in me that is beyond politics. However, it is looking more and more clear that we are continuing to lose control of our borders as we are starting down the slippery slope of losing stability in our nation. The murder of Nicholas Ivie and our law enforcement officers is the most devastating indicator that the federal government is not only failing to protect Arizona, it is failing to protect the very lives of our law enforcement personnel. The men and women in uniform who work to protect us deserve our unwavering support. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of border violence, their families, and those who put themselves in harm's way to keep us safe.




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