Friday, August 17, 2012

RNC Launches Obama’s Countdown to Medicare Bankruptcy Timeline

WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee launches"Countdown to Medicare Bankruptcy Timeline” marking the time until the Medicare Trust Fund is exhausted and highlighting the timeline of President Obama’s own promises and words. Medicare is on track to go bankrupt in 2024 and while Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan have solutions, President Obama has offered zero plans to fix one of America’s greatest problems and has touted $716 billion dollar cuts to the program as an ‘achievement.’

Check out"Countdown to Medicare Bankruptcy Timeline” at:
"As with many things, Barack Obama came to the White House in 2008 promising to reform Medicare. Instead, he is the only president in history to cut the program by over $700 billion to help fund ObamaCare. By his own admission Medicare ‘is going broke,’” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus."The president should have listened to his own words when he said that ‘we should have a serious conversation about Medicare and its long-term liability.’ We cannot continue down this path to Medicare bankruptcy.
"Americans have a clear choice this November. From Day One, Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan will provide the country with a plan that will put Medicare on a sustainable path to protect the program for current seniors and continue to strengthen it for future generations.”

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