Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Richard Carmona Joins Gang of Eight Owing Big Favors to Harry Reid If Elected

Carmona Competes For Campaign Cash From Top Senate Liberal Harry Reid’s PAC Fund

PHOENIX – A PAC established by one of the nation’s topmost liberal U.S. Senators, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, chose eight liberal Democrats, including Richard Carmona of Arizona, to join him and President Obama in a quest to prevent the Senate from voting to repeal Obamacare. Reid has offered to help raise funds for the candidate who can provide him with the most email addresses.
"The prize in this odd contest is a special fundraising email from Harry Reid, which will certainly shore up any candidate’s liberal credentials, even though Carmona’s been doing that just fine all by himself,” said Arizona Republican Party spokesman Tim Sifert. "The problem is that Arizona needs a senator who will work for us, not someone like Richard Carmona who simply supports the liberal agenda of a Democrat party boss like Harry Reid.”


Top liberal in the U.S. Senate recruits more liberals
"Tied for first—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev” (Carrie Mihalcik,"Most Liberal Members of Congress,” National Journal, February 26, 2011)
"We have chosen eight Democratic candidates, in eight of the closest races in the country.” (

Reid blocks votes on Obama tax plan, Obamacare repeal
"Sen. Harry Reid D-Nev. this morning blocked a motion by Senate Republicans to hold a vote on President Obama’s tax cut proposal” Charlie Sperling,"Sen. Reid Blocks Republican Motion to Vote on Obama Tax Plan,” Washington Examiner, July 11, 2012)

Reid pushing for more liberals in U.S. Senate

DeConcini Said Harry Reid And"Some Other Friends Of Mine Back There” Were Going To Raise Money For Carmona."‘I don’t know what kinds of commitments have been made. But I know I’ve talked to (Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid and some other friends of mine back there. They’re going to raise him some money,’ DeConcini said.” (Jeremy Duda,"Obama, Prominent Arizona Dems Urging Carmona Senate Run,” The Arizona Capitol Times, 11/10/11)

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