Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Job Creators to AZ01 @Ann_Kirkpatrick Don’t Let Your Party’s Tax Hikes Stop Us from Creating Jobs

Punishing, Rather than Encouraging New Job Growth, Has Been the Focus of Kirkpatrick's Party

WASHINGTON --- As the economy continues to struggle, small businesses are exhausted by the constricting taxing, spending and borrowing policies that Ann Kirkpatrick's party champions. More and more, job creators and unemployed Americans are finding it harder to grow the economy under Democrats’ job-crushing agenda in Washington.
"Ann Kirkpatrick's party wants small businesses to continue funding her party’s massive government takeovers and limitless spending sprees with new tax hikes,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay."This approach hasn’t created jobs and it hasn’t made the economy better. It’s time to stop Kirkpatrick's party before they stops small business growth.”

President Obama recently claimed he will give small businesses the opportunity they need to create jobs:
"’America says we will give you opportunity, but you've got to earn your success,’ [said Obama].” (Arthur Brooks,"Obama and 'Earning Your Success', Wall Street Journal Op-Ed, 8/6/2012)

But to ‘earn their success,’ Washington Democrats want to first slap 940,000 businesses with a tax hike in 2013. (Editorial,"Off the Tax Cliff He Goes,” Wall Street Journal, 7/10/2012)



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