Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Carmona and Obama Embrace Futility As Arizona Republicans Widen Lead by 30,000 Voters

Republicans Now Outnumber Democrats by 178,000

PHOENIX – Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett has released a report showing that 36% of Arizona’s three million voters are registered Republicans, with Democrats falling far behind at 30% of the electorate. Republicans outnumber Democrats 1,113,123 to 935,098 Democrats, a difference of 178,025 voters. In October 2011, when Democrat Richard Carmona decided to run, the advantage was 149,281.
Republicans also hold every statewide executive branch office and a supermajority in the legislature.
"When President Obama recruited Democrat Richard Carmona last year to run for Senate, they both ignored some key facts about Arizona voters who are now running away from the liberal policies of Obama and Carmona,” said Arizona Republican Party spokesman Tim Sifert. "With Obama’s lawsuit against Arizona, his failure on the economy and 8% unemployment, Obama’s drafting of Richard Carmona to run in such a heavily Republican state is another sign they’ve both seriously misjudged Arizona’s voters.”


Democratic Leadership In Washington And Arizona Pushed Carmona To Run
"Obama's re-election campaign and other national Democrats have expressed confidence that a strong Carmona candidacy could help them carry the traditionally red Arizona in the presidential race -- a possibility that national Republicans are quick to dismiss as ridiculous.” (Dan Nowicki, USA Today/The Arizona Republic, March 29, 2012)
"Carmona . . . Who Was Courted Heavily By Top National Democrats, Including President Barack Obama, to seek the three-term Kyl’s job.” (Dan Nowicki,"Carmona Enters Race For Kyl’s Senate Seat,” The Arizona Republic, 11/11/11)

DeConcini Said Harry Reid And"Some Other Friends Of Mine Back There” Were Going To Raise Money For Carmona."‘I don’t know what kinds of commitments have been made. But I know I’ve talked to (Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid and some other friends of mine back there. They’re going to raise him some money,’ DeConcici said.” (Jeremy Duda,"Obama, Prominent Arizona Dems Urging Carmona Senate Run,” The Arizona Capitol Times, 11/10/11)



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