Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kirkpatrick Supports ObamaCare’s Rising Costs, Medicare Cuts, Taxes, and Healthcare Decisions in Hands of Government

If You Don’t Want ObamaCare, Don’t Send Arizona Democrat Back to Washington

WASHINGTON --- When Ann Kirkpatrick voted for her party’s big-government takeover of healthcare she ignored the wishes of families, seniors and small businesses in Arizona. Now, the only way for Arizona voters to take back their healthcare choices is to make sure Democrats like Ann Kirkpatrick don’t return to Washington in 2013.
"Arizona families already let Ann Kirkpatrick know how they felt about her decision to champion the spiking premiums, $500 billion in Medicare cuts and job-killing taxes included in ObamaCare,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay."Arizona families cannot afford the damage ObamaCare is inflicting on our economy, and they can’t afford to send Kirkpatrick back.”

According to Gallup, far more Americans believe ObamaCare will hurt rather than help the economy:
"Americans are more likely to say the 2010 healthcare law upheld by the Supreme Court last week will hurt the national economy (46%) rather than help it (37%), while 18% say they don't know or that it will have no effect.” (Frank Newport,"Americans See More Economic Harm Than Good in Health Law,” Gallup, 7/5/2012)

Democrats have sacrificed much – including their House majority – for their massive government takeover of healthcare, and Americans are showing no signs of allowing government to expand control of their personal healthcare decisions:
"As the brutal fight continued, the president sacrificed more and more in its name: an overhaul of energy and environmental laws, greater focus on economic issues, some of his own popularity and that of House Democrats, who eventually lost their hard-won majority.” (Jodi Kantor,"Wearing Brave Face, Obama Braces for Health Care Ruling,” New York Times, 6/23/2012)

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