Monday, July 9, 2012

(Part 1) Obama's Revisionist History...

President Obama complains a lot on the stump about the negative tone of campaigns but the reality is he has a history of blurry memories and crying wolf on the subject. In 2008, it was Obama who turned down public financing, set fundraising records and blanketed the airwaves with negative ads against McCain. Politifact said Obama ran more negative ads than any presidential candidate in history. Surprise, surprise, Obama is leading the negative campaign yet again – 76 percent of his ads have been negative and let’s not forget David Axelrod admitting they’d run another negative campaign.

PolitiFact: Obama In 2008 Ran "More Negative Ads In American History" Than Any Other Presidential Candidate. "Rubio said, 'No candidate has run more negative ads in American history than Barack Obama did in 2008, especially in the general.' In sheer numbers, that statement is correct: Obama bought many more ads than McCain did, both positive and negative. Nevertheless, two studies suggest that, overall, Obama's ads were not significantly more negative than his rival. He ran the most negative ads because he ran the most ads. We rate Rubio's statement Mostly True." ("Marco Rubio Said 'No Candidate Has Run More Negative Ads In American History Than Barack Obama In 2008," Tampa Bay Times', "PolitiFact" 2/6/12)

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