Monday, July 9, 2012

ICYMI Chairman Tom Morrissey's "Hear Me Out" Column on What Makes America Great?

What makes our nation great is our culture of constitutionalism, our self-reliance, and our passionate concern for each other. The American Founders knew our nation would face continuous challenges, both domestic and foreign, and created a republic that built checks and balances into our institutions so that the people of the country would be served by responsive leaders and well-considered legislation. Our Constitution established a government led by representatives selected through frequent elections, divided power, and a decentralized government that have proven to be the best mechanism for a nation facing any threat and preserving a free society. Each of our fifty states, every one free but holding a unique kind of sovereignty, is tightly united and bound to our Constitution, which in turn empowers a federal government with defined, limited powers. These principles establish a carefully limited authority, and the institutions of our government that continually strive to preserve such principles are the key to the permanence of our Constitution and our nation.

The symbol or our government is our flag, made up of the thirteen stripes of the first states and the fifty separate and distinct stars representing today’s states. That is the truth behind the flag that flies over us, that it is a reminder that we are one nation -- one from many -- as the"E Pluribus Unum” embossed on many of our coins reminds us.

Abraham Lincoln, who as President experienced first-hand the violent and destructive results of a divided nation, put the preservation of our United States as a united nation above all else. It is thanks to Lincoln, considered the father of the Republican Party, and to our many elected leaders throughout history that our country still exists and does so with such a good measure peace and universal harmony not before seen in human history. While Lincoln presided over a war pitting state against state, it is a majestic truth of America that there are certain universal principles so hard won and now held so dearly that we are willing to fight for them and to die for them. Liberty is one of those principles.

America’s highest achievement is the preservation of human liberty, and liberty is the most important pursuit of the Republican Party. We have succeeded on many fronts. Republicans in our country’s history have stood the tallest against dangerous enemies like communism, and fought hard against the tyranny of burdensome bureaucracies, high taxes, and meaningless regulations that can choke off the prosperity of our families and our businesses.

But we can do better, and we all must. Our vision for the future is one of limited government, prosperity, and freedom for all. Our message is that faith and virtue are deeply dependent on liberty, and that our party speaks to all Americans who share these values.

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