Friday, June 29, 2012

Obama Senior Adviser Dodges ObamaCare Tax Question

David Axelrod dodges Matt Lauer’s question on whether or not Obamacare is indeed a tax.
On The Today Show, Obama Senior Adviser Dodges ObamaCare Tax Question. NBC’s MATT LAUER:"The good news is the Supreme Court said the mandates are constitutional. the bad news is they say they are a tax. back in 2009 the president adamantly denied that health care reform ways going to be a tax on the american people. does he now agree this legislation, this law is a tax.” DAVID AXELROD:"Whatever you call it, matt, whether a mandate or tax, what it is is a penalty on the very few americans who don't -- who can afford health care, don't pay for it, end up in our emergency rooms getting free care and we all pay for it in the form of premiums.” LAUER:"Whatever you call it is important. In an election year and coming out of a recession if it's called a tax, it's going to hurt.” (NBC’s Today Show, 6/29/12)

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