Wednesday, April 25, 2012

AZGOP Statement on Inflammatory Democrat Rhetoric

Democrats would rather focus on rhetoric rather than real economic recovery

(PHOENIX, AZ) – The Arizona Republican Party released the following statement today regarding recent comments made by leaders of the Arizona Democrat Party:

It is tremendously disappointing to watch as prominent Arizona Democrats resort to the use of inflammatory rhetoric on the issue of immigration. Yesterday’s comment by Luis Heredia calling Arizona a"front-row seat to extremism” was entirely extreme in itself.

Even more bizarre was today’s earlier comment by former U.S. Senator Dennis DeConcini who stated,"If you have brown skin in my state, you are going to be asked to prove your citizenship.” Language like this is factually false, civically irresponsible and outlandishly offensive. The former senator also went on to say"I’m for embarrassed for my state. I apologize.” This is the same angry diatribe uttered by the Administration and congressmen like Raul Grijalva.

Language like this does nothing to offer solutions to Arizonans struggling through the worst economy. Instead, it actually divides Arizonans by using immigration and race as an incendiary wedge issue for blatant political gain.

Arizonans are looking for real economic recovery, not rabble-rousing rhetoric.

It’s disturbing that Arizona Democrat Party leadership is so myopically focused on immigration and race in order to incite political passions. Rather than focusing on issues important to all Arizonans - jobs, the economy and education - Democrats would rather go to extremes bashing our state and the efforts of hard-working Arizonans.

Arizona Republicans will continue to focus on what’s good and what’s great about Arizona. But more importantly, how we can promote a vision and path that restores economic prosperity for all Arizonans.

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